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Association with other University Departments

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 507.1

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Coordination of Physical Plant Activities

4.1.1 To render maximum service to the University, the Physical Plant must closely coordinate its activities with all University departments. The following principles govern the association with other areas of the University:

  1. Departments should provide the Physical Plant with a work order or an approved estimate at least 3 months before work is to start, regarding needs which will require a major effort, especially if they need to be billed in that fiscal year (March 1 is the cut off date). If the request does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Physical Plant, the department will be advised and the request forwarded to the correct unit.
  2. Any modification to, or change in, University buildings and grounds must be done through the University Physical Plant. Likewise, any special connections made to utility systems (water, sewer, telephone, electrical or steam) must be accomplished through the Physical Plant or under Physical Plant supervision. This policy has been established to avoid the creation of unsafe or hazardous conditions, to avoid developing future maintenance problems, and to assure compliance with statutory requirements.
  3. All communications with public utility companies should be conducted through the Physical Plant except telephone services, which is the responsibility of the University Telephone Office. Television requests should be sent to Media Services.
  4. Work requests are due by March 1 for review if work is to be considered for the fiscal year end.
  5. Cost estimates for work to be accomplished by the Physical Plant via a work order request, are provided for any department requesting them. This procedure is recommended to help prevent misunderstandings regarding the scope of and cost of a project. Overruns on an estimate are the responsibility of the department and changes must be approved as they will generally increase the cost of the project. The estimate price is good for 30 days.
  6. Statutorily, the University's Physical Plant is not permitted to undertake any repair, renovation, or construction project that is estimated to cost in excess of $125,000. Any one job cannot be broken down into several jobs to violate the $125,000 maximum.

4.1.2 Detailed plans and specifications must be developed for projects estimated to cost in excess of $100,000, and each project must be placed for competitive bids with outside contractors.

  1. Equipment and tools belonging to the Physical Plant are not loaned to personnel of other University departments without specific authorization by the Director of the Physical Plant Division.
  2. All work plans and completed work should be inspected by the Physical Plant for compliance with statutory requirements and established policies.
  3. While work is being performed or coordinated by the Physical Plant, departmental personnel should not instruct workers on the job to make changes of any kind. ANY CHANGES MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE PHYSICAL PLANT OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET COORDINATOR by e-mail or a signed statement from the person responsible for the departmental budget.

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