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Budget and Expenditure Reports

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 501.5

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Budget and Expenditure Reports

4.1.1 Departments with accounting records maintained by the Controller's Office are able to access the monthly reports FZRODTA-MONTHLY and FZRGLTA-MONTHLY. These reports include all activity which occurred during the month of EPRINT.

4.2 Organizational Detail Activity Report

4.2.1 The first column of the Organizational Detail Activity Report (FZRODTA-DAILY) identifies the transaction date; the second column identifies the transaction type; the third column reflects the document number; the fourth column indicates the document reference number; the fifth column sets forth the description of the transaction; the sixth column identifies the account/fund; the seventh column reflects the amount of budget activity; the eighth column designates the amount of the transaction; the ninth column lists encumbrance activity; and the tenth column indicates the type of commitment.

4.3 Items Not Reflected on Departmental Finance Reports

4.3.1 When reviewing the departmental financial reports, the reviewer must keep in mind that any entries made after the end of th emonth are not reflected on the financial statements. To arrive at the true financial position of the department, the financial report must be adjusted by any entries made since the date of the report, purchase orders issued, purchase orders paid and any transfer requests.

4.4 Financial Reports

4.4.1 Departments with accounting records maintained in the Controller's Office are able to access various financial reports via E-PRINT. Reports, include but may not be limited to, the following:

FZRBDSC-DAILY Budget Status - Daily

FZRBDSC-MONTHLY Budget Status - Monthly

FZRABAL-DAILY Fund Balances for Chart A

FZRABAL-MONTHLY Fund Balances for Chart A

FZRABUDGET-Notice Over Budget Notices for State Funds

FZRABUDPOOLS Budget Pools for Chart A

FZRAFUNDHIER Fund Hierarchy for Chart A

FZRAOLRI Check Listing (alphabetical by Vendor within Fund)

FZRAORGHIER Chart A Organizations and Funds

FZRAGLACCT-XWLK General Ledger Account Crosswalk for Chart A

FZRASLACCT-XWLK Subsidiary Ledger Account Crosswalk for Chart A

FZRAGRANTS Grants by Department

FZRAPTD Grants and Project-to-Date Funds

FZRFUND-ALPHA Alphabetic Fund Listing Chart A

FZRFUND-NUMERIC Numeric Fund Listing Chart A

FZRGLTA-DAILY General Ledger Detail Transactions-Daily

FZRGLTA-MONTHLY General Ledger Detail Transactions-Monthly

FZRODTA-DAILY Organizational Detail Activity-Daily-Current Month

FZRODTA-MONTHLY Organizational Detail Activity-Cumulative for Year

PZRDPLS Department Employee Listing

FZRA budget-notice Over Budget Notices-State Funds

FZRADACTV Currently Month Activity by Fund & Account-updated daily- All Funds

FZRAMACTV One Month's Activity-newly created at month end-All Funds

FZRAACTV-YTD YTD Activity by Fund & Account-All Funds

4.5.1 The University Budget Office, Special Funds Accounting Office and Purchasing Office, present monthly Banner Workshops, as coordinated by the Business Systems Office. The advertisement and registration for the workshops are located on the Finance Homepage and accessed by going to the University homepage, then clicking on "My ASU Resources for ASU Students, Faculty and Staff"; clicking "Administrative Resources", clicking "APPLEAP Administrative Systems Project"; clicking "System Access"; and clicking "Finance Homepage". The Banner workshop covers the explanation of each of the EPRINT reports.

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