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Computer Purchasing Options

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Policy 906


1 Introduction

2 Scope

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4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Combined Pricing Initiative

4.1.1 On May 5, 2010 UNC General Administration announced to the UNC System's Chancellors and CIOs the launch of the Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI) (275 KB). CPI's goals are to leverage the buying power of the entire UNC System and to meet cost-saving standards set by the North Carolina General Assembly. CPI standards currently apply to all PC desktop and laptop computers obtained with state appropriated funds. As of July 1, 2010 participation in CPI is mandatory for all UNC System schools.

4.1.2 PC computers must be obtained only from CPI "Preferred Vendors", currently Dell, Lenovo, and HP. Over the past few years Appalachian State University has standardized on Dell for PC desktops and laptops, so this is not a change for our campus. We will continue to obtain Apple computers as an individual campus as Apple is not currently part of the CPI program. PC purchases should be obtained through our campus purchasing portal - Yo-Mart.

4.1.3 A task force organized by UNC-GA has established a range of standard desktop and laptop computer configurations meant to reflect the diverse administrative and academic needs of UNC System campuses. This task force has negotiated best prices with CPI Preferred Vendors and Appalachian State information technology professionals have established campus standards in alignment with UNC-GA's CPI standards. This means that the default desktop and laptop packages conform to CPI standards.

4.1.4 Only CPI standards-compliant computer configurations are allowed, except where non-standard configurations are required for specialized research, teaching, or administrative needs. The total dollar amount of "non-standard" computers may not exceed 20% of the total of state funds used for PC purchases. In those cases where a non-standard configuration is required a formal request for an exception must be made. Reports must be submitted to UNC-GA detailing approved exceptions.

4.1.5 We estimate that for all computer purchases during FY 2009-2010 less than 5% would have been considered an "exception", thus this is a minimal change to our past paradigm. Our current process for requesting exceptions will be formalized and modified slightly to reflect the changing needs for reporting and documentation. Details on this refined process will be posted to this website as they become available.

4.2 Environmental Statement

4.2.1 Appalachian State University’s standards for computer purchasing meet EPEAT standards. All recommended computers are EPEAT Gold Certified. EPEAT®-registered products meet strict environmental criteria. From fewer toxins in manufacturing to efficient operation and easier recycling, EPEAT-registered products offer a reduced environmental impact across their lifecycles.

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