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Contractual Obligations of University Services

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 501.8

1 Introduction

1.1 As the University provides services to persons and agencies outside the campus community, procedures are necessary to ensure the protection of the University and its employees. Provisions are herein provided for the development of contracts and the collection of accounts receivableincluding contracts and agreements between on-campus agencies.

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Contracts

4.1.1 In EXCESS of $1,000 University personnel contracting to provide services to individuals, businesses, or governmental agencies, where the service to be provided has a fair market value in excess of $1,000, must have a written contract/agreement signed by the administrative officers of the University and the buying agency. In addition to the signature of the director of the department providing the service, the contract must also include the signature of the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs. Policies and procedures as outlined in UNC Policy Manual 500.2 and 300.2 from General Administration relative to consulting should be followed. The contract agreement should specify in detail the services to be provided and the conditions of payment. All contracts will be reviewed to ensure that provisions of the Umstead Act are not violated.

4.1.2 Less Than $1,000 Obligations and services less than $1,000 should be approved or sanctioned by the appropriate Vice Chancellor on a personal service contract form. As specified for contracts in excess of $1,000, policies and procedures as outlined in the UNC Policy Manual, Section 600.4 from General Administration relative to consulting will be followed.

4.2 Billing Procedure

4.2.1 Using the auxiliary billing procedures, university departments will invoice for services rendered on a regular and systematic basis. Departments must provide a copy of each invoice to the Controller's Office. It is the responsibility of the Controller's Office to collect accounts, and this will often require the assistance of the billing department. At least two times each year, the department should contact the Controller's Office to determine that the departmental accounts and the Controller's accounts are in balance. Where applicable, the provisions of the UNC Policy Manual, Section 600.4 from General Administration relative to collections from state employees will be followed.

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6 Authority

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8 Original Effective Date

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