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Departmental Charges

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 502.8

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Charging Merchandise

4.1.1 Departments wishing to charge merchandise purchased at the Bookstore must observe the following procedures.

  1. Complete a three part University procurement request which should include a description of the items to be purchased, the appropriate twelve digit budget code and an authorized signature.
  2. The completed procurement request must be routed through the University Controller's Office for budget approval only if the price of an individual item equals or exceeds $500.00. All other procurements should be taken directly to the Bookstore.
  3. The approved procurement request should be presented to the Bookstore cashier at the point of sale. The purchaser will retain one part of the procurement request and receive one copy of the Bookstore charge ticket for departmental records. The remaining two parts of the procurement request and charge ticket will be retained by the Bookstore.

4.1.2 Departmental charges are posted automatically to the designated account number. The charges will appear on each department's FMB092-Report of Transactions at the end of each month.

4.1.3 Any problems or questions should be directed to the Bookstore's Accounts Receivable Office.

5 Additional References

6 Authority

7 Contact Information

8 Original Effective Date

9 Revision Dates