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Policy 502.6

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Adoption Policy

4.1.1 In order to provide students with the most current economical textbooks, the Bookstore has a three year adoption policy for textbooks.

4.1.2 Whenever instructors or departments determine that a new textbook is needed, the Bookstore will order a desk copy for review.

4.1.3 All desk copies will be purchased at retail by faculty members. At that time the Bookstore will record the purchase date, title, buyer, and the retail value of the desk copy.

4.2 Returned Within 60 Days

4.2.1 The Bookstore will refund the full purchase price if the replacement copy is returned within sixty days. The faculty member will be notified approximately twenty days prior to the return deadline.

4.3 Returned After the 60 Day Period

4.3.1 If the replacement copy of the original desk copy is returned after the sixty day period, the book may be repurchased by the Bookstore at one-half of retail, provided the title will be used in a subsequent term. Desk copies returned after the deadline will be subject to the existing buy back guidelines applicable to the student's copies.

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