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Intracampus Billing

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Policy 501.6

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Intra-Campus Billing

4.1.1 The Intra-campus Billing System is provided for departments on campus which provide services or supplies for other University departments. It allows a department to sell its goods or services on a 30-day credit basis, invoice at the end of each month, and receive payment without having to handle any cash.

4.1.2 Departments which regularly sell some type of goods or services to other departments can obtain pre-numbered invoices from the Controller's Office. The invoices are issued in a block of sequential numbers and must be signed for when they are received. For internal control purposes it is the department's responsibility to account for all invoices issued to it.

4.1.3 As soon as possible after the end of each month, the selling department prepares invoices for charges made to other departments during the preceding month. The first (white) and third (yellow) copies of the invoices are to be submitted to the Controller's Office no later than the fifteenth of the month following the sale or completion of work. The second (pink) copies are sent to the individual department along with any backup for the charges. The fourth (blue) copies should be retained by the selling department for its records.

4.1.4 When journal entries are processed for intracampus invoices paid through the Controller's Office, they are debited to the expenditure codes and credited to the receipt codes indicated on the invoice. The yellow copy is sent back to the seller indicating that money has been deposited into a receipt account or that expenses have been reimbursed to an expense account. The blue copy is kept by the department doing the charging.

4.1.5 Billing errors should be settled between the buyer and the seller. Any necessary adjustments to accounting records should be requested by the selling department.

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