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Journal Entry Guidelines

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Policy 501.15

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Forms

4.1.1 Pre-Numbered Journal Voucher (Journal Entry) forms are used to record reclassifications, reimbursements, corrections, allocations, transfers and other adjustments not provided for otherwise in the BANNER FINANCE System. These pre-numbered voucher forms can be obtained from the Controller's Office, Business Affairs Annex located at State Farm Road upon request or departments can download an excel copy of the form from Electronic forms, complete, sign, and forward a printed copy to the appropriate area for data entry.

4.2 Account Codes

4.2.1 University Account codes for Revenues and Expenditures can be found on the Banner Finance Homepage. (

4.3 Salary Reclassifications

4.3.1 Salary reclassifications (6xxxxx) should flow through the salary reallocation/redistribution process and should not be corrected by a journal voucher/journal entry. The salary reallocation process is recorded using the BANNER Human Resource System by appropriate payroll personnel. In extreme and rare circumstances when a journal voucher is needed to reclassify salary accounts, prior approval should be obtained from the University Controller.

4.4 University Transfers

4.4.1 For ordinary fund transfers among University accounts where the only objective is to move cash from one fund to another (no expense or revenue swap), transfer accounts 884440 and 808440 should be used. These are self-balancing accounts and have to be used together or in conjunction with one another. For NRL&P only transfer accounts 808490 and 884490 should be used.

  1. Transfers for Controllers Office personnel use ONLY:
    1. Accounts 808430 and 881530 to transfer funds for State Matching requirements for Work Study transfers.
    2. Accounts 808450 and 881470 to transfer funds for mandatory debt service transfers from the revenue fund to the debt service fund to meet debt obligations.
    3. Accounts 808555 and 888555 to transfer cash at YR-END ONLY in order to correct/redistribute cash balances where departments expend from funds different/separate from those that are receipted examples include Housing, Food Services, Athletics, Recreational Services, Academic funds, etc.

4.4.2 Transfers for State Appropriated Funds are not allowed and changes are done via budget revision. Please contact the Budget office for additional information.

4.5 Budget Entries

4.5.1 Journal Entries cannot be processed using Budget Pool accounts (i.e. 720000 etc.) Budget adjustments within the same fund must be processed via the online budget transfer process. Please consult the Budget office for budget transfers that are between two different funds. More information can be found in the Banner Finance Training manual.

4.6 Documentation

4.6.1 For audit purposes, adequate documentation should be attached to each journal voucher. This documentation should provide adequate support/computations/etc to attest to the validity of the journal voucher begin processed. Manual journal vouchers should have rule code JE16 as the TYPE. It is important that the "LINE DESCRIPTION" (limited to 32 characters) on the Journal voucher provides a clear explanation of the purpose of the entry for both the credit and debit side of the entry. The "ENTRY DESCRIPTION" located at the bottom of the form must also be completed and should include a more detailed description of the overall entry not just the line items. The person initiating the entry must sign and date and forward the entry to an approver and may not approve his or her own entry. The approver must ensure that the appropriate fund and account is recorded for the transaction, that the entry is within the standards provided herein, and that the journal entry is supported by adequate documentation and necessary and then sign and date as approved. The voucher must maintain supporting documentation (be attached) for the journal entry for audit purposes. The person posting the Journal Voucher to BANNER FINANCE must review the posted document for posting accuracy, stamp the entry with "POSTED" stamp and sign and date as the person actually posting the entry document.

4.7 Internal Service Revenue

4.7.1 Rule Code ISR should be used when recording any ASU internal revenue (inter-departmental sales) in order to facilitate the elimination of internal sales transactions for yr-end financial reporting purposes as prescribed by GASB 34/35.

4.8 State and Trust Journal Vouchers

4.8.1 Any sensitive Journal Vouchers should require prior approval of the Budget Office for State Funds and The Office of Special Funds (Controller?s) for Trust Funds.

4.9 State and Trust Fund Clearing Entries

4.9.1 Any journal entry that is between Bank 01 (state funds) and Bank 05 (trust funds) must have an offsetting clearing entry in funds 109005 and 226005 for each line of the entry that crosses between the two banks. In addition any entry that is debiting or crediting a state fund with a either a revenue account or expenditure account must use the 109005 clearing fund. Likewise any entry between a GL account and SL account should be done via EFT not a journal entry.

4.9.10 Example - Expense transfer example: Debit 109310-729900, Credit 337010-729900 for a 100.00 expense transfer

Fund Account Amount DR/CR Description_ 109310 729900 100.00 DR Expense Transfer 109005 785250 100.00 CR Expense Transfer 226005 785220 100.00 DR Expense Transfer 337010 729900 100.00 CR Expense Transfer

4.9.11 The following lists the clearing funds and accounts to be used.

ACADEMIC CLEARING ACCOUNTS DUE TO ACADEMIC 109005-785210 DUE FROM ACADEMIC 109005-509970 DUE TO TRUST 109005-785250 DUE FROM TRUST 109005-509940 DUE FROM TRUST 109005-785260 DUE TO TRUST 109005-509950



David Jamison Controller's Office 828.262.6403

Amy Roberts Special Funds Accounting Controller's office 828.262.6419

Betsy Payne Budget Office 828.262.6432

4.10 Rule Codes

Rule Code (Alphabetical Order) Description Rule Code (Alphabetical Order) Description
1AP Banner Student - APPL CHG-Like BILL Bill Cost Accounting. Job, no encumbrance
1CH Banner Student Charges/Non-Cash Pay (Departmental Deposits) BP1 Permanent Adopted Budget
1CS Banner Student - Cash Payments BP2 Permanent Budget Adjustments
1FD AUXILIARY FEEDS BP3 Temporary Adopted Budget
2AP Banner Student - APPL CHG - Diff BP4 Temporary Budget Adjustment
2FD Auxiliary Feeds Academic BRA BRSC Chart A feed (like FUP)
3AP Banner Student - APPL PAY - Like BRF BRSC Chart F feed (like FUP)
3FD Auxiliary Feeds Foundation BRS BR feed from SIS (like FUP)
4AP Banner Student - APPL PAY - Diff BT5 Trust Beginning Budget
4FD Auxiliary Feeds Capital Improvement CAEC Cancel Check C/M add'l w/encumbrance
5CR Cash Receipt Entry CAEI Cancel check invoice add'l w/encumbrance
5CRT Cash Receipt(cr05) def prog org bank CAII Cancel Check Inventory Invoice Taxes
AAL Academic Allotment-enter bud period CAL CI Allotment Entry
ACDC Cancel Add'l Charges on Credit Memo CAN CI Allotment - No NCAS Feed
ACDI Cancel Add'l Charges on Invoice CAXC Cancel Check - C/M tax
ACEC Cancel Add'l Chrg on C/M w/encumb CAXI Cancel Check - Invoice tax
ACEI Cancel Add'l Chrg on Inv w/encumbrance CC01 Interchart Credits
ACG Advancement Cash Gifts CD01 Interchart Charges
ACII Cancel Add'l Chrgs on Inv w/G/L Acct CDDC Cancel Check C/M add'l chgs
ADDC Additional Charges on Credit Memo CDDI Cancel check invoice add'l charges
ADDI Additional Charges on an Invoice CDEC Cancel check C/M disc w/encumbrance
ADEC Add'l Chrg on Credit Memo w/encumb CDEI Cancel Check Invoice disc w/encumbrance
ADEI Add'l Charges on Invoice w/encumbrance CDII Cancel Check Inventory Inv Add'l Chrgs
ADII Add'l Charges on Invoice w/G/L Acct CDWI Federal Withholding on Cancel Check
ADJC Adjustment to Inventory Value CHS1 Banner Student Charges/Non-Cash Pay
ADPR Adjust depreciation(up or down) CIIC Cancel Check Inv Valuation Adj
AL01 ProAlloc? for perm. adopt budget CIII Cancel Check Inventory Inv Discount
AL02 ProAlloc? for perm. adj budget CISC Cancel Check - C/M discount
AL04 ProAlloc?. for encumbrance CISI Cancel Check - Invoice discount
AL05 ProAlloc?. for budget reservation CNEC Cancel Check - C/M w/encumbrance
ALE3 ProAlloc? for year to data actv CNEI Cancel Check - Invoice w/encumbrance
ALR3 ProAlloc?. for year to date revenue CNEP Cancel Check CY, Invoice w/encumb PY
ANO ASU Alumni No Operation CNII Cancel Check Inventory Invoice
AOG Advancement Online Gifts CNNC Cancel check - C/M w/o encumbrance
ARV Academic Reversion-enter bud period CNNI Cancel Check - Invoice w/o encumbrance
ASCS Banner Alumni Cash Receipt COAD Additional Charge on Change Order
ASDE Banner Alumni Gift (Payroll Deduct) CODS Discount on Change Order
ASLN Banner Alumni Gift of Land/Property CORD Establish Change Order
ASP Pledges COTX Tax on Change Order
BD01 Permanent Adopted Budget CR05 Cash Receipt Entry
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjustments CSS1 Banner Student - Cash Payments
BD03 Temporary Adopted Budget CSS2
BD04 Temporary Budget Adjustment CTEC Can Chk-NonVend Tx CM w/encumbrance
BD10 Budget Development Request CTEI Cancel tax for CXEI
BILE Bill Expense Acct w/enc in Cost Act CTII Cancel non-vend-tax for checks
BILI Bill Income Acct in Cost Accounting CTWI State Withholding on Cancel Check
CTXC Cancel tax w/CAXC DNII Check - Inventory Invoice
CTXI Cancel tax for CAXI DNNC Check - C/M w/o encumbrance
CUL CI Unallotted Entry DNNI Check - Invoice w/o encumbrance
CXEC Cancel check C/M tax w/encumb DSCA Cash Disbursement - CM Add'l Charge
CXEI Cancel check invoice tax w/encumb DSCD Cash Disbursement - CM Discount
DAEC Check C/M Add'l w/encumbrance DSCI Cash Disbursement - Credit Memo
DAEI Check invoice Add'l Chgs/encumb DTWI State Withholding on Check
DAII Check - Inventory Invoice Tax DXEC Check - C/M tax w/encumbrance
DAXC Check - C/M tax DXEI Check invoice tax w/encumbrance
DAXI Check - Invoice tax E010 Post Original Encumbrance
DAXL Exchange adjustment for TAXL E020 Encumbrance Adjustment
DAXX Exchange Adjustment for TAXX E032 Encumbrance Liquidation
DCEC Cancel Discount on C/M w/encumb E037 Encumbrance Liq. allow changes
DCEI Cancel Discount on Inv w/encumb E090 Year End Encumbrance Roll
DCII Cancel Discount on Inv w/G/L Acct E095
DCSC Cancel Discount on Credit Memo E100 Original Encumbrance
DCSI Cancel Discount on Invoice ED01 Distribute Earnings
DCSR Direct Cash receipt EFT Record Electronic Transfers
DDDC Check - C/M add'l charges ER01 Record Earnings
DDDI Check invoice add'l charges FC01 Interfund Credits
DDEC Check - C/M - Disc w/encumb FD01 Interfund Charges
DDEI Check invoice discount w/encumb FLX
DDII Check - Inventory Invoice Add'l Chrg FSF
DDSC Check - C/M discount FT01 Interfund Transfer
DDSI Check - Invoice Discount FUP FUPLOAD def org and prog like JE16
DDWI Record Federal Withholding on Check GLAS Change asset account for fixed asset
DEP1 Depreciation Buildings and Fixtures GLCE Change Cap. Fund/equity/asset
DEP2 Depreciation Computers GLCF
DEP3 Depreciation Furniture GLEQ Change equity account
DEP4 Depreciation Laboratory GLFE Change cap fund and equity account
DEP5 Depreciation Equipment - Vehicles GLRE Reverse old fund/equity/asset
DEP6 Depreciation Equipment - Other GPP ASU Gifts in Kind Personal Property
DEP7 Depreciation Library Books GPR ASU Gift in Land
DEPP Recording past depreciation GRAP Grant Application of Payment
DIEC Discount on Credit Memo GRBL Billed Accounts receivable
DIEI Discount on Invoice w/encumbrance GRCC Grant - Cost Share Charge
DIIC Check - Inventory Invoice Discount GRCG Grant - Cost Share Grant
DIII Discount on Invoice w/G/L Acct GRDF Deferred Revenue
DISC Discount on Credit Memo GRIC Grant - Indirect Cost Charge
DISI Discount on Invoice GRIR Grant - Indirect Cost Recovery
DISN Disposal without depreciation GRPM Grant Payment
DISP Disposal of asset with depreciation GRRF Grant Refund
DISR Disposal: Sharing of revenue GRRV Grant - Accrued Revenue
DNEC Check - C/M w encumbrance GRTF Grant Payment Transfer
DNEI Check - Invoice w encumbrance GRWH Withholding accounts receivable
GSA Gift Annuity - Securities IPNC Zero Payment Credit Memo
GSC ASU Gift in Security - Current IPNI Zero Payment Invoice
GSE ASU Gifts in Security - Endowments IR01 Record Investment
HCBA Payroll - COBRA - Admin. Fee ISCP Return Profit Inventory Acct
HCBC Payroll - Cobra Cash Receipt ISEC Request Return
HCBP Payroll - COBRA - Premium ISEU Request Issue
HDEF Payroll - Deferred Pay ISIC Return Item Inventory Acct
HDPA Payroll - Deferred Pay Accrual ISIU Issue Item Inventory Acct
HEEL Payroll - Employee Liability ISSC
HENA Payroll - Encumbrance Adjustment ISSU
HENC Payroll - Salary Encumbrance ISUP Issue Profit Item Inventory Acct
HERL Payroll - Employer Liability J001 General Ledger Closing Journal
HFEA Payroll - Fringe Benefit Enc. Adj. J020 Budget Carry Forward Journal
HFEN Payroll - Fringe Benefit Encumbrance J099 Interfund Cash Transfer Entry
HFEX Payroll - Actual Fringe Ben. Dist. JE05 General Ledger Beginning Balance
HFNL Payroll - Fringe Chargeback w/o Liq JE06
HFRC Payroll- Fringe Chargeback Clearing JE10 Accounts Receivable Entry
HFRD Payroll - Fringe Chargeback w/Liq JE15
HGNL Payroll - Gross Exp. No Liquidation JE16
HGRB Payroll - Gross Benefit Expense JE25 Interchart Journal Entry
HGRS Payroll - Gross Salary Expense JEP
HNET Payroll - Net Pay LMS
ICEC Cancel Credit Memo w/ Encumbrance N001 Endowment Spendable Interfund Transfer
ICEI Cancel Invoice with Encumbrance N002 Endowment Rlz. Gn/Ls Interfund
ICEP Cancel Invoice with Encumbrance N003 Endowment URlz. Gn/Ls Interfund Trans
ICER Cancel Credit Memo w/ Enc - PY N004 Endowment Spnd. Var. Interfund
ICII Cancel Inv w/G/L Account no Enc NOOP No operation
ICNC Cancel Credit Memo w/o Encumbrance NRP
ICNI Cancel Invoice without Encumbrance ONE One Sided Rule Code
IIIC Invoice Cancel - Valuation Adjust PA05 Payroll Disbursement
IIII Invoice - Valuation Adjustment PA06 Payroll Disbursement
IMCI Cash Receipt Entry; Endowment-Pool PCAD Cancel Add'l Chrg on Purchase Order
IMDI Distribution of Income (IM) PCAP Cancel Add'l Chg on Purchase Order PY
IMDT Dist. of Income - Transfers PCC
IMDU Dist of Income - Buying into Pool PCDP Cancel Disc on Purchase Order Prior Y
IMRA Inv Fund Removes All Inv from Pool PCDS Cancel Discount on Purchase Order
IMRP Inv Fund Removes Part. Inv from Pool PCLQ Cancel PO - Reinstate Request
IMTF Cash Transfer; Inv. Fund to Pool PCRD Cancel Purchase Order
IMTR Transfer b/t Endowments in a Pool PCRP Cancel Purchase Order in Prior Year
INEC Credit Memo with Encumbrance PCTP Cancel Tax on Purchase Order Prior YR
INEI Invoice with Encumbrance PCTX Cancel Tax on Purchase Order
INEP Invoice with Encumbrance charged PY PLIB Purchase Card Liability
INER Credit Memo with Encumbrance PY PMT1 Banner Payment - Misc. Form TFAMISC
INII Invoice w/G/L Account no Enc POAD Additional Charge on Purchase Order
INNC Credit Memo without Encumbrance POAP Add'l Chg on Purchase Order Prior YR
INNI Invoice without Encumbrance POBC Purchase Order Batch Close
POCL Purchase Order Close (FPAEOCD) RES1 Banner Student - Refunds
PODP Disc on Purchase Order Prior Year RQCL
PODS Discount on Purchase Order SCAO
POLQ Purchase Order-Request Liquidation SCAP Subsequent capitalization for asset
POPN Purchase Order Open (FPAEOCD) TAEC Sales Tax on Credit Memo w/Encumbrance
PORD Establish Purchase Order TAEI Sales Tax on Invoice w/Encumbrance
PORP Estab Purchase Order in Prior Year TAII Sales Tax on Invoice w/G/L Acct
POTP Tax on Purchase Order Prior Year TAXC Sales Tax on Credit Memo
POTX Tax on Purchase Order TAXI Sales Tax on Invoice
PRO Prorate Journal Entries TAXL Record Liability for Non-vendor Tax
PROJ Project Encumbrance TAXR Remove tax liability on Cash Receipt
RBTR Return rebate on cash receipt TAXX Cancel Liability for Non-Vendor Tax
RCQA Cancel Add'l Charge on Requisition TCEC Cancel Sales Tax on C/M w/Encumbrance
RCQD Cancel Discount on Requisition TCEI Cancel Sales Tax on Inv w/Encumbrance
RCQP Cancel Requisition TCII Cancel Sales Tax on Inv w/G/L Acct
RCQX Cancel Tax on Requisition TCXC Cancel Sales Tax on Credit Memo
RCVD Receiving Stock TCXI Cancel Sales Tax on Invoice
REBC Credit Memo - Rebate Tax TRNF Stores Inventory Transfer
REBD rebate exchange difference WOFD Write off with depreciation
REBT Tax Rebate WOFF Write off without depreciation
REBX Tax Rebate Cancellation WRID Write down with depreciation
REQA Additional Charge on Requisition WRIT
REQD Discount on Requisition XB4 State Funds-Temp Trans
REQP Requisition - Reservation XT4 Trust Funds-Temp Trans
REQS Stores Requisition YR10 Fiscal Year End Cash Disbursement
REQX Tax on Requisition YR20 Fiscal Year End Cash Receipt

5 Additional References

6 Authority

7 Contact Information

8 Original Effective Date

9 Revision Dates