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ME MN Banner Time Sheet Instructions

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 506.3

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Instructions for Completing Banner Time Sheets ME/MN Payroll

4.1.1 Department Name/Banner Time Sheet Organization number (6 digits) This number may be obtained from your Supervisor or Department Head. If you have questions you may call Human Resources at the following: If SHRA call Cindy Harper at ext. 6487 or if EHRA call Glenda Lynch at 6481. If you are a faculty member please call Peggy Hicks in Academic Affairs at ext. 2070.

4.1.2 Position number is 6 digits This number may be obtained from your Supervisor, Department Head or you may call the following people: If SHRA call Cindy Harper at ext. 6487 or if EHRA call Glenda Lynch at 6481. If you are a faculty member please call Peggy Hicks in Academic Affairs at ext. 2070. You may also find your position number in Employee Self Service by logging into at the following link: . Then click on the Employee tab and look under the section labeled “Pay Grade and Salary Information”, your position number will be listed under the “Posn” field.

4.1.3 Employee Banner ID number is 9digits. (9XXXXXXXX) This number can be obtained either from your Supervisor, Department Head, or through Human Resource Services. It can also be obtained by going to the following link and logging into Employee Self Service if you have a computer terminal: from here you will click on the “Personal Information” link and then click on the “Display Banner ID” link.

4.2 Social Security Number

4.2.1 Write employee social security number on all time sheets.

4.3 Date

4.3.1 Month/Year (month and year of pay day).

4.4 FOAP Number (21 digit account number)

  1. Fund = 6 digit budget code number,
  2. Organization Code # =6 digit organization number the fund is associated with.
  3. Account = 6 digit object code the employee is paid from (ex. 1211 = 612110)
  4. Program = 3 digit code that identifies which program the fund is associated with.

4.4.1 The FOAP represents the budget that will be charged for your salary and can be obtained from the following places:

  1. Supervisor
  2. Department Head
  3. Human Resource Services

4.4.2 Lastly, you may call the Budget Office at ext. 2030 and ask for Betsy Payne to find this information.

4.5 Valid Time Sheet

Remember a time sheet is not valid without the signature of the employee and supervisor and/or the department head.

4.5.1 Pay ID ME Payroll EHRA Exempt from overtime. Pay ID MN Payroll - All permanent SHRA employees subject to overtime & And employees exempt from overtime.

4.5.2 Pay Period Number Pay period number is numbered sequentially 1-12 for each month paid. Pay # Pay Period Reporting Period 1 December 16 - January 15 2 January 16 - February 15 3 February 16 - March 15 4 March 16 – April 15 5 April 16 - May 15 6 May 16 - June 15 7 June 16 - July 15 8 July 16 - August 15 9 August 16 - September 15 10 September 16 - October 15 11 October 16 - November 15 12 November 16 - December 15

4.5.3 Earn Codes Earn Codes defined below:

REG - Regular hours scheduled and worked up to 40 hours within an ASU workweek (Monday 12:01 am - Sunday midnight) (Time taken off such as VAC, SIK will reduce your scheduled work hours)

S10 - Shift premium for shift hours worked. This earn code is to be used in addition to the REG code to record any time worked for Second or Third shift employees. This includes all employees who begin work after 3:00 p.m. If you work from 11 to 7 then you would record 8 hours under REG, and 8 hours under S10. If you have any questions please call Payroll at ext. 6422.

VAC* (see VAS below). Vacation - paid leave taken

VAB Vacation bonus- paid leave taken

SIK Sick - paid leave taken

HOL Holiday - paid leave taken

HLW Holiday hours worked, premium pay

HLA Holiday hours worked, equal time accrued for working the holiday up to 8.0 hours.

CTE Compensatory time earned (hours worked over 40 in an ASU workweek Monday 12:01am - Sunday midnight)

CTT Compensatory or Equal time taken (equal time from HLA hours worked only)

CSL Community Service-Paid leave taken

CBE Call back hours earned (portion of hours not worked up to 2 hours for each call back)

OCH On-call hours worked

MSA Misc-Paid leave taken including fire or jury duty

MSM Misc-Paid Military Leave

MSW Misc-Paid Adverse Weather Leave Taken

WCH Worker's Comp-Holiday hours paid

WCS Worker's Comp-Sick supplemental leave

WCV Worker's Comp-Vacation supplemental leave

WCB Worker's Comp-Vacation Bonus supplemental leave

AWW Adverse Weather Makeup

CTR Compensatory time requested hours for payment by department

VAS Vacation hours taken December 16 thru December 31

The above references a full time 40 hour work week employee.

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6 Authority

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8 Original Effective Date

9 Revision Dates

Revised 06/08/05