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Printing Responsibilities

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Policy 511.1

1 Introduction

1.1 The Office of Printing and Publications is a division of the Department of Technology. Its purpose is to furnish a variety of quality printing services at low cost to University departments and offices, and to ensure compliance with the University graphic identity program.

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 General

4.1.1 Customers Printing and Publications does work for University related activities only. Printing projects cannot be completed for individuals or non-University organizations; such printing is of a commercial type and is expressly prohibited by law as described in North Carolina General Statute 66-58, Government in Business. (See below for policy on commercial printing.)

4.1.2 Printing Charges Charges for printing can be billed only to a regular University budget code or to an activity whose accounting is accomplished by a University department or office.

4.1.3 Printing Limitations Despite meeting qualifications for "University printing," some materials by virtue of their makeup or volume are not suited to the office's equipment or capabilities.

4.2 Promotional Publications

4.2.1 Legal Requirements All publications intended for distribution off campus, and especially those designed to recruit students, raise money or otherwise promote the University, should originate with the Director of Publications for original design. This approval process is necessary because the University must comply with legal requirements concerning nondiscrimination statements, use of students' pictures, use of cost statements, and most important - compliance with the graphic identity program. The Director of Publications is responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met, and that requirements are met whether such publications are printed by the University or by commercial shops.

4.2.2 Commercial Printing Some printing jobs, because they involve the use of color or extremely long runs, are not suitable for the office's equipment and therefore will be printed commercially. The Director of Publications will help obtain competitive bids for such jobs and can offer typesetting and layout/design assistance, which will result in savings. In any event, those needing commercial printing should contact either Purchasing or the Director of Publications before proceeding. Questions concerning payment for commercial printing are directed to the Controller's Office once the bids have been obtained and prices agreed upon. The requirement for processing a procurement and a purchase order prior to the printing of commercial jobs deserves special attention. Commercial printers do not have a legal contract with the University for printing until they have received a purchase order.

4.2.3 Time Requirements The demand for printing services on campus is high, and the office usually has a heavy workload. For these reasons, the minimum time required for printing of items of small quantity is three weeks. Larger orders require more time and therefore must be discussed with the Director. Generally, four to six weeks will be needed for large or complicated orders. Similarly, the demand for design/type services is also high. Publications which are designed from the beginning will need four to six weeks' lead time.

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