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Printing Services and Charges

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 511.2

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Services Available

4.1.1 The following services are available at the Office of Printing and Publications:

  1. Original design and layout
  2. Typesetting (high resolution output from PC and MAC disks).
  3. Offset printing (stationery, envelopes, brochures, cards, forms, posters, booklets, manuals, etc.)
  4. Folding
  5. Binding (including flat staple, saddle stitch and plastic comb).
  6. Numbering
  7. Collating
  8. Stapling
  9. Hole Punching
  10. Padding
  11. Darkroom services, including production of PMTs, veloxes, and ad slicks

4.2 Obtaining Printing Services

Printing needs should be discussed with the Office of Printing and Publications at the earliest possible date. All requests for printing must be submitted on a Procurement Request Form signed by the head of the department requesting the work. The Procurement Request should give the following information:

  1. Date
  2. Person originating the request
  3. Department
  4. Date work is requested
  5. Quantity
  6. Description of the work
  7. Total Costs (figured before Procurement Request)
  8. Budget code or University account to be charged
  9. Delivery location

The Procurement Request should be accompanied by a sample of the job and any other information pertinent to the order, such as diagrams, examples, copy to be typeset, etc.

4.2.1 Procedure Steps

  1. Prepare Procurement Request Form
  2. Submit Procurement Request early enough to allow two weeks for processing of the appropriate paperwork.
  3. Fill out the three copies of the procurement request.
  4. Complete the following in the labeled blocks:
    1. Date: The date request is prepared.
    2. Requisition Number: Your department requisition number if one is assigned.
    3. To: Mark block for Printing and Publications
    4. Vendor: Printing and Publications
    5. Equipment, Supplies, Repairs: Mark block for "Supplies."
    6. Person Originating Request: Name of the person requesting services.
    7. Department: Name of the department to be billed for related charges.
    8. Requested Date of Delivery: Date that printing order is needed.
    9. Quantity: Number of copies needed.
    10. Description: Description of the printing order and how it should be processed. Include type of paper, color of ink, and any miscellaneous printing services required to complete the order.
    11. Delivery Location: This is especially important if one office is paying for printing services and the printed materials are for another office.
    12. Unit Price: The price per quantity listed if known or applicable.
    13. Total Cost: The product of the "quantity" and the "Unit Price" or the cost obtained from the Office of Printing and Publications.

4.2.2 Approval

  1. Department Head, Date: The signature of the department head and the date form is signed.
  2. Dean of College/or Authorized Signature, Budget Code, Date: The signature of the dean of the college or the signature of the person authorized to approve expenditures from the budget account to be charged with the cost of printing; the Budget Code Number (include all nineteen digits); and, the date form is signed.

4.2.3 Attach Supplementary Material to Procurement Request

  1. When the Office of Printing and Publications is to work up the layout of the order, attach a general working diagram that can be used to develop the printer's final layout.
  2. If copy is to be typeset, attach a double spaced, typed manuscript.
  3. If order is to be collated, arrange the originals in the order which the copies are to be arranged.
  4. If typesetting output is to be done from PC or MAC disk, call the Office of Printing and Publications for instructions in disk preparation.

4.2.4 Submit Procurement Request

  1. Make sure to get proper authorizing signatures on the Procurement Request.
  2. Take the completed Procurement Request form to the Office of Printing and Publications, with all necessary attachments.

4.3 Advance Planning

4.3.1 Personnel will discuss printing requirements with departments before the requisitioning of services. Thus the details of a printing order, such as time required, paper and ink to be used, and the final price will be decided before a Procurement Request is prepared.

4.4 Necessary Form

4.4.1 All procurement requests for printing, except those for photocopying, must be submitted on a Procurement Request form signed by the head of the department requesting the work. The Procurement Request should contain a description of the work, quantity, and price when known. The department head must record the budget code or University account to be charged for the work done.

4.5 Cost and Billing

4.5.1 Printing jobs are priced separately based upon the materials and services used in production. Departments are billed on the last day of the month for charges accrued during the month. Bills are processed through the University Auxiliary Billing System.

4.6 Complexity and Cost

4.6.1 All offset printing orders are planned, charged, and figured on an individual basis. The major conditions that will affect the complexity and cost of an order are:

  1. Typesetting
  2. Offset method used
  3. Number of negatives and printing plates or paper masters
  4. Type of paper and ink
  5. Miscellaneous printing services required to complete the order

4.7 Additional Information

4.7.1 For additional information about available printing services and related charges, contact the Printing and Publications Office at 262-2047.

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