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Central Shipping

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 504.3

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Central Shipping or Parcel Post

4.1.1 The Central Warehouse handles all outgoing shipments of a weight and size or requiring shipment by motor freight carrier. Items of a size and weight not requiring shipment by motor freight or United Parcel Service may be sent via parcel post directly from the department. (See [Postal Postal Service Section] for appropriate packaging and processing of outgoing packages.)

4.2 Personal Items

4.2.1 Non-University owned and personal materials will not be shipped or handled by the Central Warehouse.

4.3 Necessary Authorization

4.3.1 No supplies or equipment should be returned to a vendor for any reason without first obtaining the vendor's permission and shipping instructions.

4.3.2 Before an item can be shipped, Warehouse shipping personnel must be provided an authorization for shipment from the vendor, stating whether shipment is to be made on a freight "prepaid" or "collect" basis, and the budget code that charges are to be made against.

4.3.3 Departments desiring to return materials to a vendor should contact the Purchasing Office, by telephone (262-2080) or in writing, explaining the reason for the desired return. The Purchasing Office will try to secure permission from the vendor for return of the materials and will obtain shipping instructions.

4.3.4 When Purchasing receives authorization to return the item(s) and shipping instructions from the vendor, they will forward a copy to the department. The department should then prepare the item for shipment and contact the Central Warehouse to arrange to have the package picked up. The vendor's authorization to return must accompany the package to the Central Warehouse.

4.4 Preparation of Outgoing Shipments

4.4.1 Department's Responsibility - Preparation of items for shipment is the responsibility of the sending department. Central Warehouse personnel do not package items for shipment.

4.4.2 Items being shipped by motor freight or United Parcel Service should be:

  1. Securely packaged -- bound or strapped, if necessary, with strong binding material; however, do not wrap UPS packages in paper.
  2. Addressed with departmental return and consignee addresses; consignee addressed on UPS packages must have a street address and a zip code .
  3. Marked with appropriate handling markings.
  4. Conform to size and weight limitations if shipped by United Parcel Service. Parcels shipped by UPS are limited to 50 lbs. maximum and 108 inches combined length and girth.
  5. Complete the six part form "Appalachian State University Shipping Requisition." The form includes the department name, account number, package contents, date, signature of person authorized to make the shipment, insurance and value (if applicable). Fill in the ship to address and place the appropriate shipment method number beside the first line of the address.
  6. Call Central Warehouse to have package picked up.

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