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Community Service Leave

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 603.16

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Community Service Leave

4.1.1 The University recognizes the critical support roles of volunteers in the community and with non-profit organizations. ASU fully supports the State's policy on Community Service Leave as outlined in the Policy, and administers this policy as outlined below:

  1. An employee must request Community Service Leave from his/her supervisor with as much advance notice as possible.
  2. Supervisor will approve or disapprove request made.
  3. The supervisor or University may request acceptable proof that leave is taken within the purpose of the CSL policy as outlined in State Policy 10.
  4. For existing employees employed on January 1 of each year, 24 hours will be credited to each employee's leave bank to be used during the calendar year. For new hires that are employed throughout the year a pro-rated portion will be credited to his/her leave bank by the Human Resource office.
  5. If an employee requests the option for Tutoring or Mentoring a joint agreement must be made between ASU and the school. This agreement will be kept in the Human Resource office. The maximum amount of time allowed under the Tutoring/Mentoring option is 36 hours and will be tracked on the employee's time sheet and through the Human Resource office. Leave under this option shall be used exclusively for tutoring or mentoring.
  6. If an employee chooses to change options during the calendar year then the maximum hours that may be granted is the maximum allowed under the new option chosen, minus any hours already used. This adjustment will be made by the Human Resource office the month following the change of election.
  7. Community Service Leave time should be coded as CSL on the employee's sheet.

4.2 Special Leave Provisions

  1. Supervisors are authorized to establish a policy providing time off with pay to employee's participating in volunteer emergency and rescue services. To utilize this option the supervisor will:
    1. require the employee to provide sufficient proof that he/she is a member in good standing with an emergency volunteer organization (included but not limited to fire departments and rescue squads, etc.)
    2. ensure that the performance of emergency services does not unreasonably put a hardship on his/her department while duties are not being performed or that undue hardships are placed on other employees during the time of leave.
  2. Employees who fall under this designation and has received approval from his/her supervisor will record time as MSA time instead of CSL time on the time sheet.
  3. ASU may grant leave with pay not to exceed 15 workdays in a 12 month period to participate in specialized disaster relief services (Example Katrina). The decision to grant this leave rests solely with the supervisor and the University based on the work needs of the University. Qualification for this leave are outlined in Leave Policy 10 of the State Personnel Manual. Leave under this designation will be coded as MSA leave on the time sheet. An employee must put a request in writing to his/her supervisor to be able to utilize this leave. This request with the supervisors approval/disapproval will then be forwarded to the Human Resource office.
  4. Employees who participate in life giving through blood, bone marrow and organ donorship may be given additional time off with pay. Employees shall be given reasonable time off with pay for whole blood donation, pheresis procedure and bone marrow transplant. Employees may be given up to 30 days with pay for organ donation.
    1. Employee will provide as much advanced notice to the supervisor. If an employee is donating an organ then a written request must be turned into the supervisor who will turn it into the Human Resource office.
    2. If approved, leave taken under this provision will be coded as MSA time and not CSL time on the time sheet.

5 Additional References

Community Service Leave, Appalachian State University Office of Human Resources

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