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Policy 602.18

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Demotion Of An Employee

4.1.1 Before demotion of an employee, a supervisor must:

  1. Schedule and conduct a pre-disciplinary conference. He or she must give advance oral or written notice of the conference to the employee. The notice must tell the employee the type of disciplinary action (demotion) being considered, the conference time and location, and the facts that led to the recommendation. Advance notice should be as much as practical under the circumstances;
  2. Tell the employee if the demotion will change the employee's salary rate and/or pay grade and if so what change will occur in the salary rate and/or pay grade;
  3. Give the employee a statement in writing telling the acts or failures to act that are the reason for the demotion and telling the employee of his or her appeal rights.

4.2 Dismissal

4.2.1 When Can an Employee be Dismissed? Any employee may be dismissed. Dismissal may be a result of unsatisfactory or grossly inefficient job performance or unacceptable personal conduct. Before the decision to dismiss for disciplinary reasons is made, a management representative must conduct a pre-disciplinary (dismissal) conference with the employee. The conference must be handled according to this policy.

4.2.2 Unsatisfactory Job Performance An employee must have at least two prior warnings or other disciplinary actions or one of each before dismissal for a current incident of unsatisfactory job performance.

4.2.3 Grossly Inefficient Job Performance An employee may be dismissed for a current incident of grossly inefficient job performance without any prior disciplinary actions.

4.2.4 Unacceptable Personal Conduct An employee may be dismissed for a current incident of unacceptable personal conduct without any prior disciplinary actions.

4.2.5 Required Consultation The supervisor recommending dismissal must discuss the recommendation with appropriate agency management. Upon approval by agency management, a pre-disciplinary conference shall be held with the employee.

4.2.6 Person Conducting the Pre-disciplinary Conference The person conducting the pre-disciplinary conference must have the authority to recommend or decide what, if any, disciplinary action should be imposed on the employee.

4.2.7 Procedure for a Dismissal Before dismissing an employee, a supervisor must conduct a pre-disciplinary conference as outlined in Human Resource Services, Policy 19 and give the employee a notice of disciplinary action.

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