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FMLA Leave Administration

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Policy 603.14

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Eligible Employees

4.1.1 Eligible employees as defined in State Personnel Manual are entitled of up to 12 weeks of Family and Medical Leave in a one year period. Human Resources has the responsibility of administering this program and will do so as outlined below:

  1. Employee will complete a Request for Family/Medical Leave Form located on the Human Resource website.
  2. Once form is completed by employee, certifying health care provider and supervisor the form will be turned into the Human Resource Office.
  3. The Human Resource office will determine that an employee is eligible for FMLA leave, that leave requested is for a FMLA qualifying reason and will designate leave, whether paid or unpaid, as FMLA leave and track all leave during entitlement period.
  4. Once an employee has been approved as meeting all criteria for FMLA leave, the Human Resource Office will send a letter to the employee and to the supervisor outlining the FMLA provisions, the begin and end date of the entitlement period, continuation of benefits information, and any other specific expectations or obligations of the employee.
  5. The 12 week entitlement period for the 12 month period will measured forward from the date the employee's family and medical leave begins. For example if an employee applies for FMLA leave beginning 3-1-07 the 12 week entitlement period will begin 3-1-07 and run until 3-1-08. The Human Resource office will verify that no other time prior to that date has been applied for any other FMLA event.
  6. Supervisor will continue to turn time sheets into the Human Resource office as well as the Payroll office during the period of FMLA.
  7. If employee is on paid leave during the FMLA period, then all applicable benefit deductions will continue to be deducted from employee's paycheck.
  8. If employee is on LWOP during the FMLA period then benefit continuation will be handled as follows;
    1. The cost of the employee's health insurance coverage will be covered by ASU during the 12 week period. If an employee fails to elects not to return to work after the period following FMLA leave then ASU may recover the premiums paid on behalf of the employee during the 12 week FMLA period.
    2. If employee has dependent health insurance coverage, then employee will be required to write a check payable to ASU to cover dependent premiums. If premiums are more than 30 days past due then Human Resources will provide a 15 day notice that coverage will cease. If premiums are still not paid then a lapse in coverage will occur. If the employee return to work after the FMLA period, health insurance benefits will be restored to the equivalent that the employee had as if a leave had not occurred. Any retroactive dependent premiums will be deducted from employee's first paycheck upon returning to work.
    3. Employee may write a check to ASU to cover any miscellaneous benefit premiums such as dental, vision, life insurance, etc., If employee elects not to continue miscellaneous benefits during FMLA period, then policies will be canceled. Employee will have the option of reinstating those benefits when leave ends and employee returns to work.
    4. All monies received from employee to cover dependent health insurance coverage or miscellaneous benefits will be made payable to ASU and will be receipted and deposited in accordance with policies and procedures as established from the Cashier's Office.
    5. If an employee works a reduced or intermittent work schedule and does not use paid leave to make up the difference between the normal work schedule and the new temporary schedule then Human Resources will issue a PD-105 to the Payroll office showing the change in the number of hours the employee is scheduled work. This ensures the employee is earning pay and leave on a reduced rate.
    6. After an employee submits a certification from a health care provider to his/her supervisor and to the Human Resource Department stating that employee may return to work, then employee will be reinstated to the same position held when the leave began or one of like pay grade, pay, benefits, and other conditions of employment.

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