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Holiday Leave Administration

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 603.13

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Holiday Leave Administration

4.1.1 Appalachian State University administers the Holiday Leave policy as outlined in State Personnel Manual.

  1. A complete list of ASU observed holidays is posted on the Human Resource website.
  2. If a holiday falls at the first of a month (example January1st) and the employee begins work on the first available workday (example January 2nd), pay is received for the holiday and will be reflected on the PD105 submitted from Human Resources to the Payroll Office. If the holiday falls at the end of the month and the employee is in pay status through the last available workday, pay is received for the holiday and will be reflected on the PD 105 submitted from Human Resources to the Payroll Office.
  3. If a holiday falls on a scheduled day off for an employee, then the employee will take the first available day off before or after the observed holiday.
  4. Holiday Leave time will be recorded on the time sheet as HOL time.

4.2 Holiday Equal Time Off

  1. In addition to Holiday Premium Pay (additional half-time) for employees that are required to work on a holiday, equal time off before or after the actual holiday will be given.
  2. Time worked on the holiday will be recorded as HLW on the time sheet, with 8 hours recorded under HLA.
  3. When Holiday equal time is taken it will be recorded as HET time on the time sheet.
  4. Supervisors are encouraged to schedule Equal Time Off as close to or as immediately after the observed holiday.
  5. Where a workday is designated greater than eight hours, then the employee will need to use vacation time, vacation bonus time, or compensatory time to make up the difference between the 8 hours of Holiday Equal Time and the designated workday. (For example, for a police officer that worked a twelve hour shift on Christmas Day, then that officer will receive 12 hours of Holiday Premium Pay, as well as receiving 8 hours of Holiday Equal Time. When the officer uses the Holiday Equal Time of 8 hours then he/she would also need to use the additional 4 hours of vacation/vacation bonus or compensatory time to account for a full 12 hour time period).

4.3 Additional Holiday Schedules

  1. The University recognizes that certain departments on campus have a seven-day a week operation and has adopted an additional holiday schedule for employees regularly scheduled to work on the date of the observed holiday. Those departments will make available to the employee a list of the alternative schedule.
  2. Employee will record the alternative holiday leave time as HOL on the time sheet.
  3. To efficiently administer the Holiday Premium Pay policy as outlined in State Policy 10, ASU may designate for those employees that work an alternate work schedule (other than Monday through Friday) alternate observed holidays when pertaining to Holiday Premium Pay.

4.3.1 Example When Christmas day falls on Saturday, and Friday and Monday are the State government public holidays, ASU may designate Saturday and Sunday as the holidays for employees scheduled to work on those days. Then, if employees work on Saturday and Sunday, they shall be paid holiday premium pay those two days. In this case, these employees who work on Friday and Monday would not be eligible for holiday premium pay.

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