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Human Resources

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Policy 600

NOTE: For purposes of all Appalachian State University policies, references to SPA (subject to the State Personnel Act [former terminology]) shall be interchangeable with SHRA (subject to the State Human Resources Act [current terminology]); and references to EPA (exempt from the State Personnel Act [former terminology]) shall be interchangeable with EHRA (exempt from the State Human Resources Act [current terminology]).

1 Introduction

1.1 Human Resource Services administers the total personnel program for approximately 1000 staff (SHRA) employees and has certain duties and responsibilities involving the approximately 700 faculty (EHRA) employees. This office maintains a close working relationship with all University administrative personnel.

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Responsibilities

  1. Recruitment and placement of all staff personnel following closely the many required State and Federal regulations which insure non-discrimination.
  2. Administration of the total fringe benefits program for all faculty and staff employees requiring continuous review of all plans to insure the best benefits possible for all employees.
  3. Proper classification and pay for all staff employees. Positions are reviewed on a continuous basis requiring a close working relationship with the Office of State Personnel. All personnel actions involving staff and faculty employees are initiated by this office.
  4. Development and administration of programs designed to improve employee/employer relations, a most important influence over employee morale.
  5. Implementation of all training programs for both employee and supervisory personnel. In the personnel area, training is fast becoming the most important function.

4.1.1 The emphasis in personnel administration has shifted to more employee/employer problem solving, policy and procedure initiation, implementation and interpretation, planning in all aspects of personnel administration, and much greater involvement in faculty personnel matters at all levels.

4.1.2 The Director of Human Resource Services reports to the University Chancellor.

4.2 Location and Hours

4.2.1 Human Resource Services is located on the east end, first floor of Founders Hall. Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

4.2.2 Human Resource Services Organizational Structure

5 Additional References

6 Authority

7 Contact Information

7.1 Telephone Number for Information - In order to assist job applicants find out the jobs posted, a job posting telephone number can be called twenty-four hours a day. This recorded message gives information on all vacancies at the University. The number is 262-6488 .

7.2 Further Information - All questions related to personnel matters should be directed to Human Resource Services, telephone 262-3186.

8 Original Effective Date

9 Revision Dates