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Purchase or Rental of EDP and Computer Related Equipment

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 509.18

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Equipment for Data Processing

4.1.1 Data processing equipment (both software and hardware) must be approved by the University Computer Policy and Advisory Council and the State Department of Administration in Raleigh before a purchase or rental agreement can be made.

4.1.2 NOTE: In addition, General Statute 143B.426.39 requires the approval of the State Controller's Office prior to the installation of new, or the revising of existing, accounting systems and related automated data processing equipment.

4.1.3 The Management Systems Division of the State Department of Administration assists in the planning stage for the installation of new systems or major additions to present systems before a formal request is made to secure equipment. The Management Systems Division also assists the State Purchase and Contract division in reviewing the request and in formulating specifications.

4.1.4 The Purchase and Contract Division of the State Department of Administration advertises for bids from all responsible suppliers. Bids are requested for equipment whether a purchase or rental is desired.

4.1.5 Recommendations and justifications made by the requesting University department are presented by the State Purchase and Contract Division to the Board of Awards for certification.

4.1.6 In rare instances, the State Purchase and Contract Officer may waive competitive bidding when the requesting department can demonstrate that the particular equipment being requested is the only type that will satisfactorily perform the desired function. (See Policy Statement 6, Single Source Purchases) .

4.1.7 North Carolina Purchase and Contract Division acquires an annual State contract for microcomputer requirements. A variety of approved microcomputers are available for the State's requirements from this contract. For compatibility and local on-campus service, assistance should be requested from the Academic Computing Service Office when purchasing microcomputers and peripheral requirements.

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