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Safety Inspections

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Policy 303.18

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Procedures for Inspection and Compliance

4.1.1 Inspections of campus facilities are performed by a representative of the Occupational Safety and Health Office with supplemental inspections being performed by the University Safety and Health Committee. Before supplemental inspections are conducted prior notice is given to the Departmental Chairpersons/Area Supevisors. Additional inspections will be performed by Federal, State and/or local officials.

4.1.2 University Safety and Health Committee members as well as other faculty and staff members are always encouraged to participate in the inspection process.

4.1.3 As a minimum, a required annual inspection of all campus physical facilities will be performed. Documented reports will include pertinent safety and health violations, noncompliance items and observed deficiencies.

4.1.4 The Department Chairperson/Area Supervisor will be notified in writing of any observed violations and deficiencies. In addition, Department Chairpersons/Area Supevisors will receive a request for a timely response, indicating what corrective actions have been taken with regard to each reported violation or the reason for lack of corrective action. The response should include sufficient detail for the Occupational Safety and Health Office to determine if follow-up action is necessary.

4.2 Imminent Danger Action

4.2.1 In the event that any manipulation, action or condition is discovered which in the opinion of the Occupational Safety and Health Office is considered to constitute an immediate threat to the life or condition of an employee or the public, the Occupational Safety and Health Office may recommend to University officials the immediate cessation or modification of such manipulation, action or condition. Such requests shall include the basis for specific recommended action as well as the duration of change. If approved, the cessation or modification order shall immediately be forwarded to the Department Chairperson/Area Supervisor of the affected area for implementation. Such actions shall be monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Office to insure compliance.

4.3 Reports

4.3.1 The Occupational Safety and Health Office will make periodic reports as required by the N.C. Department of Labor, the N.C. Office of State Personnel, the N.C. Department of Insurance and other Federal, State and/or local agencies.

4.4 Rights of Affected Personnel

4.4.1 Appalachian State University personnel affected by the required safety and health inspections have the right to take the following actions:

  1. Any employee of Appalachian State University having a direct personal involvement in the facilities being inspected is permitted and encouraged to participate in the inspection, including calling possible violations to the attention of the inspector.
  2. Observed violations or deficiencies may be reported directly to the Occupational Safety and Health Office. An inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Office will be conducted in response to valid complaints and notification of the results will be forwarded to the person or persons originating the complaint.
  3. Appalachian State University personnel may report any condition concerning the health and safety of the University community without fear of retaliation on the part of any other person.

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