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Single Source Purchases

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 509.7

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Justification

4.1.1 On some highly technical items, there will be only one known source. Justification for a purchase of this type of item without competitive bidding must accompany the procurement request. The justification memorandum should be forwarded to the Director of Purchasing for approval and should give the following information:

  1. Name and address of the suggested supplier.
  2. Technical specifications which make the equipment unique.
  3. Names and addresses of other vendors which make similar equipment, and details of the ways such equipment fails to meet required specifications.

4.2 Supporting Documents

4.2.1 Copies of all correspondence including any vendor quotations received in the selection of the special equipment should also accompany the procurement request.

4.3 Approval

4.3.1 If the request exceeds $150,000.00 in cost, the request will be forwarded to the State Purchase and Contract Division for processing. If the State Purchase and Contract Division concurs in the justification for the uniqueness of the item, the request will be presented to the State Board of Awards with the recommendation that the item be certified as "Single Source" and purchased after the Purchase and Contract Division has obtained prices in accordance with prescribed procedures.

4.4 Limited Use

4.4.1 This process is infrequently used since there is generally competition for almost any type of equipment or supplies used at the University.

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