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(Policy and Procedure Statements)
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Policy 507.12
Policy 507.12
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
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== Scope ==
== Scope ==
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== Definitions  ==
== Definitions  ==
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: Definition summary

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Policy 507.12

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Surplus Property

Occasionally, departments have in their possession equipment or furnishings which are no longer of use to them, and therefore, may be termed "surplus property." Rather than permitting such surplus items to set idle and occupy needed space, they should be disposed of in one of the following ways:

  1. Transfer the items to another University department or office where they will be used. A department may sell to a department by budget transfer, but cannot sell directly to individuals.
  2. Sell the items through the North Carolina State Surplus Property Office.

Disposal of all state owned property must be coordinated through the Surplus Property Officer in the Purchasing Office. Departments should never dispose of items directly unless by written consent of the Surplus Property Officer.

4.2 Transfer or Disposal of Items Bearing A Fixed Asset Inventory Decal

Appalachian State University form, Moveable Equipment - Notice of Disposal or Change of Location, must be completed and forwarded to the Fixed Asset Office whenever a department wishes to:

  1. transfer property to another department.
  2. move property to another location.
  3. dispose of surplus property by sale
  4. if the property bears a fixed asset inventory decal.

4.3 Transfer or Disposal of Items Not on the Fixed Asset System

Whenever a department wishes to dispose of, transfer, or change the location of an item not on the fixed asset system, the Moveable Equipment - Notice of Disposal or Change of Location form, or a memo should be forwarded to the Surplus Property Officer giving the following information:

  1. Item name and description
  2. Serial Number
  3. Condition (good, fair, poor, operable, inoperable, etc.).

University employees are not permitted to bid on surplus items from their department or work area. They are permitted to bid on property from other areas of the University. Anyone failing to adhere to this policy may be subject to dismissal.

Internal Auditors will audit surplus property records in the North Carolina Surplus Property Office and in the University Fixed Asset System Office to insure that this policy is being followed. (All of these records are subject to the public records law.)

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