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Policy 502.1

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Undergraduate Textbooks

4.1.1 The University Bookstore provides a rental system to full-time undergraduate students for all hardback textbooks. The book rental is included in tuition and fees and entitles students to receive all required hardback textbooks. Exceptions: Warren Wilson students and foreign exchange students are exceptions. Their fees are waived by agreement between their institutions and Appalachian State University. These students must present appropriate verification to receive textbooks from the Bookstore.

4.2 State Employees

4.2.1 Full-time State employees taking a tuition-free course are entitled to use the accompanying rental textbook. The textbook is rented free of charge for the term of the course. The signed and approved tuition-free authorization form must be presented to personnel in the Textbook Department in order to receive the book.

4.3 Books Must be Returned

4.3.1 All rental books from the previous semester must be returned within the times specified by the Bookstore. Adherence to this policy will avoid book charges being added to the student's account. The policy for the timely return of books is absolutely necessary to insure an adequate supply of books for the current semester. The academic departments normally adopt textbooks for a three year period. The concept of the rental system depends on a smooth turnover of books from semester to semester.

4.4 Management Approval

4.4.1 Students may not keep rental books beyond the prescribed times except with prior approval and knowledge of the Bookstore management. Management will make a reasonable effort to accommodate students who have valid reasons for keeping books past the prescribed return deadlines - provided prior arrangements have been made. Discounts are allowed for books that are purchased.

4.4.2 The return policy deadlines will be posted at the Bookstore.

4.5 Graduate Students, etc.

4.5.1 All graduate, summer school, part-time (less than 8 hours) students, and student teachers must purchase their textbooks. These students are not charged a rental fee.

4.6 Location

4.6.1 The Textbook department is located on the fifth floor of the Bookstore and is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. during the first two weeks of a new semester and during the week of final exams. Extended hours are provided during the first week of each semester. Other adjustments in the schedule are posted at the department. Call the University Bookstore at 262-3070 if you have questions concerning the Textbook department.

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