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Tunnel Painting

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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1 Introduction

Policy ____ [Number from Table of Contents]

2 Scope

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4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Painting is ONLY permitted on the tunnel walls and tunnel ceiling under Rivers Street.

4.2 Painting IS NOT permitted on the floors, steps, railing, walls leading out of the tunnels, or the areas outside of the tunnels.

4.3 Light fixtures within the tunnel are not to be painted.

4.4 Painting the tunnels DOES NOT insure the display of your artwork or announcements for a specific period of time, and others may paint over what you have painted.

4.5 Although students painting the tunnels are encouraged to recognize that various individuals (including families with children) utilize the tunnels and try to make information appropriate to all, the University generally will not regulate or censor the content of the expression painted in the tunnels.

4.6 Painted materials (written or otherwise) that violate law or University policy are not permitted, and such violations may subject those responsible to judicial sanctions and/or sanctions under the Code of Student Conduct.

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