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Policy 505.1

1 Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to provide administrative oversight and direction for issuing Appalachian State University (“Appalachian”) identification cards (“AppCards”), or campus credentials. AppCard credentials serve as the official campus identification and facility access card.

2 Scope

The policy applies to individuals who are required or permitted by Appalachian to obtain an AppCard, including students, faculty, staff, and other visitors of the University.

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 AppCards

4.1.1 AppCards are electronically encoded identification cards issued to all students, faculty, and staff. AppCards are customarily issued to students during orientation and employees upon employment verification from Appalachian’s Office of Human Resources.

4.1.2 AppCards provide students, faculty, and staff with access to University resources, including facilities and fee-supported services.

4.1.3 Campus Services is responsible for working with Finance and Operations, Student Affairs, Human Resources, and Information Technology Services (“ITS”) to develop procedures and guidelines for determining when University visitors may obtain AppCards.

4.2 AppCard Components

AppCards contain the following items:

  • The name of the University;
  • The legal first and last name of the cardholder;
  • A headshot of the cardholder;
  • A description that describes the university affiliation of the cardholder (e.g., student or staff); and
  • A magnetic stripe or other similar card technology for access to University resources.

4.3 AppCards and Financial Transactions

4.3.1 AppCards may be used for financial purchases and transactions on campus, including but not limited to:

  • Campus Dining;
  • Vending Machines;
  • Coffee Shops;
  • Athletics Ticket Office;
  • University Bookstore;
  • University Recreation;
  • Student Accounts; and
  • Student Health Services.

4.3.2 In order to use AppCards for campus financial transactions, students and employees may open a prepaid Appalachian Express Account that will allow AppCards to be used for financial transactions on campus. Additionally, after the submission and approval of an application to the AppCard Office, employees may open a charge account permitting AppCard balances to be deducted from payroll at the end of each month.

4.4 AppCard Usage and Replacement

4.4.1 AppCards are the property of the University and may be revoked at any time at the University’s discretion for improper usage. AppCards may only be used by the person to whom they are issued and may not be transferred to other parties.

4.4.2 AppCards will be inactivated:

  • After the graduation or withdrawal of a student from the University;
  • Once an employee is no longer employed with the University; or
  • When a visitor, who was granted an AppCard, affiliation with the University has ended.

4.4.3 AppCards are replaced at no charge for normal wear and tear, as determined by the AppCard Office. However, replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged (i.e., mutilated, spindled, or folded) cards will be charged a fee, as determined by the AppCard Office.

4.4.4 Lost or stolen AppCards should immediately be reported to the AppCard Office during regular business hours. If the AppCard Office is closed, a lost or stolen card should be reported to University Police. Once a report is made the AppCard will be deactivated.

4.5 Photograph

4.5.1 Photographs for AppCards may be submitted electronically through mediums designated by the AppCard Office, or upon request, may be taken by the AppCard Office at the time the credential is issued. Acceptable photographs must meet the standards established by the AppCard Office.

4.5.2 AppCard photos will be used by faculty, staff, and administrators on a case-by-case basis, as determined by Appalachian, for identification and security purposes, and as otherwise provided by federal and state law, or UNC System policies.

4.5.3 Photographs are required to be retaken every ten (10) years, as long as the AppCard has not been inactivated in accordance with Section 4.4 and other procedures developed in accordance with Section 4.6. If such Cards are inactivated, any individual that resumes their relationship with the University and requires an AppCard will need to take a new photograph.

4.6 Policy Implementation and Compliance

4.6.1 The Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations (the “Vice Chancellor”) is responsible for the administration of this policy, which includes providing oversight of Appalachian’s Campus Services who has authority for the development and management of University procedures and guidance to assist the Appalachian community, and the AppCard Office, with complying with this policy.

4.6.2 The AppCard Office, a unit of Campus Services, is responsible for the management, issuance, and replacement of AppCards.

4.6.3 In collaboration with Information Technology Services (“ITS”), Campus Services is responsible for ensuring that AppCards adhere to the access, control, and data management policies of the University.

5 Additional References

6 Authority

7 Contact Information

AppCard Office – 828-262-6141

8 Original Effective Date

9 Revision Dates

March 3, 2021