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Buildings and Grounds Regulations

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 507.9

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Occupant Responsibilities

4.1.1 Departments occupying the buildings are responsible for turning off lights, closing windows, locking doors, turning off window and package air conditioning units, and securing the buildings in general at the end of the working day. Windows should remain closed when offices or classrooms are vacant for the protection of the buildings, especially during the summer months when sudden rainstorms and showers are common. Also, adequate security is necessary for protection against theft, fire, and vandalism.

4.2 Posting Regulations in Academic Areas

4.2.1 The general posting of notices, signs, office schedules, grades, etc., in academic buildings and areas should be confined to bulletin boards or other areas designated for posting. Bulletin boards may be obtained by sending a work order, with a description of the item needed, to the Physical Plant. Notices, schedules, etc., should not be posted on painted surfaces, doors, windows, etc. Postings in violation of these guidelines are subject to removal.

4.2.2 Posting in the dormitories comes under the jurisdiction of the Student Housing Office and the Student Government Association.

4.3 Bicycles

4.3.1 Bicycle racks are located throughout the campus for the convenience of bicycle riders. Individuals are encouraged to lock their bicycles to the racks when leaving them.

4.3.2 Parking or storage of bicycles inside buildings, including porches, entrance ways, or exits, is prohibited.

4.3.3 Abandoned bicycles are impounded by the ASU Police. Contact the ASU Police Department if your bicycle is missing.

4.4 Pets

4.4.1 Only tropical fish may be kept in University residence halls.

4.4.2 This policy is specifically intended to prevent stray dogs and cats from roaming the campus or being in University buildings. Animals are not permitted on campus unless they are on leash and under the control of the owner. Even when on leash, animals are not permitted in University buildings.

4.4.3 There are specific State laws which prohibit animals in food serving establishments; and there is a city ordinance relative to maintaining a dog on leash which is applicable to the campus.

4.4.4 The owner of an animal on campus is held responsible for any actions of the animal.

4.4.5 Stray animals found on campus are turned over to the animal shelter where they are kept 30 days while the owner is sought. After 30 days a home is sought for the animal. If this fails, the animal is put to sleep.

4.4.6 A fee is charged when claiming or adopting an animal held by the local animal shelter.

4.5 Roofs

4.5.1 No one is allowed on the roof of any academic or administrative building without prior authorization from the Physical Plant. No one is allowed on the roof of residence hall building without prior authorization from Residence Facilities. Uncontrolled roof traffic may cause roof damage resulting in damage to the building and contents caused by leaks.

4.5.2 Motion picture cameras, television cameras, television or radio antenna, or other equipment supported by tripods or stands may not be placed on any roof without prior coordination with the Physical Plant.

4.5.3 Alterations and/or additions to roofs are not permitted without prior approval of the Physical Plant.

4.6 Fire and Building Codes

4.6.1 Fire and building codes must be adhered to in all work performed by the Physical Plant. Copies of the various codes are available in the Physical Plant Office or the Safety Office to assist in answering specific questions about code requirements.

4.7 Alterations to University Buildings

4.7.1 No alteration may be made to a University building without the prior approval of the Physical Plant. Whether renovations are accomplished by University personnel or outside contractors, all work must be coordinated through the Physical Plant Office.

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