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Catering Service and Special Events

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 505.2

1 Introduction

1.1 To describe the process and procedures in place for catering service provided by Grandview Catering & Events (formerly App Catering).

2 Scope

2.1 This policy shall apply to all Appalachian University faculty, staff, students, or patrons.

3 Definitions

3.1 Catering

Grandview Catering & Events at Appalachian State University

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Catering on Campus

4.1.1 Grandview Catering & Events (formerly App Catering) serves the entire Appalachian State University campus as well as off-site events for alumni, local businesses, community members and more.

4.1.2 Recognized student organizations will be permitted to engage in the sale of certain foods on the campus of the University for the purpose of fundraising. All sales of food by student organizations must comply with the Food Sale Policy. No permitted food service establishments, other than Grandview Catering & Events, are allowed to make direct sales on campus through the Recognized Student Organization Food Sales Policy.

4.1.3 Campus activities shall maintain a list of food and beverages which may be sold by student organizations. Any food or beverage which has not been approved prior to sale will be removed from the fundraising event and the Student Organization may be subject to discipline. (Alternatively: Any Student Organization found to sell food or beverages which have not been pre-approved may be subject to discipline.)

4.2  First Right of Refusal

4.2.1 The preparation and sale of food and beverages on campus is reserved exclusively for Grandview Catering & Events.

4.2.2 Any request for exceptions must be completed through the form provided on the Grandview Catering & Events website. Unauthorized private vendors in violation of this policy will be required to comply or vacate the campus.

4.2.3 Individual purchases of food paid for with non-University funds and delivered from outside vendors to a residence or off-campus location is not governed by this policy.

4.3  Grandview Ballroom

4.3.1 The Grandview Ballroom is a special event venue located in the North End Zone building at Kidd Brewer Stadium at Appalachian State University. This venue exists separate and apart from Appalachian State Athletics operations. It is available to rent by Appalachian State faculty, staff and student groups as well as alumni and the general public.

4.3.2 Grandview Catering & Events is the exclusive caterer for the Grandview Ballroom. Potential event hosts must reach out to Grandview Catering & Events for pricing and availability of the venue.

5 Additional References

Grandview website

6 Contact Information

Catering and Events | 828-262-8314 |

7 Effective Date


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