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Central Receiving

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Policy 504.2

1 Introduction

Since it is impossible for large trucks to get to most buildings on campus, the Warehouse has been designated as the central receiving point for the University. Purchase orders normally give the Central Warehouse as the point of delivery, and most commercial carriers have been instructed to deliver to this point.

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Purchasing Order Departmental Receiver

4.1.1 When purchase orders are processed by the Purchasing Office, the departmental receiver copy is forwarded to the Central Warehouse. When items are received, the Warehouse does the following:

  1. Checks items received against the departmental receiver on an item by item basis when possible.
  2. Logs the shipment on a receiving report by the total number of parcels.
  3. Delivers the items to the department or area designated on the purchase order. Every effort is made to deliver all materials within twenty-four hours of their receipt.

4.2 Receiving Materials Ordered

4.2.1 Checking Shipments - When the Warehouse delivers materials, the department will sign the warehouse receiving report for the shipment only as to the number of packages. It is not feasible for the department to check the shipment contents while the Warehouse truck driver waits. The department should check the shipment contents as soon as possible, but not later than three (3) days after receipt. If there is no problem with the shipment it will not be necessary to call the Warehouse; the purchase order will be received electronically. However, if there is a problem, or the order is not complete, the Warehouse should be notified immediately. If the Warehouse is not notified of a problem or incomplete order, the purchase order will be electronically received resulting in the possible payment of the order.

4.3 Damaged Shipments

4.3.1 Keep Packing Materials - If concealed damage is discovered, all packing material and the shipping cartons must be retained for inspection by the shipper and freight carrier, until instructions are received as to the disposition of the damaged item(s).

4.4 Items Not Received by Central Warehouse

4.4.1 Direct Shipment to Department - For items not received at the Central Warehouse, but forwarded directly to the requesting department, the parcels should be opened and inspected for compliance with the purchase order and for concealed damage. The Warehouse must be notified when the order is complete, so the purchase can be electronically received. If damages exist, follow the same procedure as for items delivered by the Central Warehouse.

4.5 Note

4.5.1 Central Receiving has no way of knowing that items delivered direct to departments have been received. Therefore, it is essential that the department notify Central Receiving immediately upon satisfactory receipt of an order, so it can be electronically received and processed for payment.

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