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Policy 113

1 Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to provide the Appalachian State University (“Appalachian”) community with direction on chalking on campus.

2 Scope

This policy applies to all members of the Appalachian community, including students, faculty, staff, visitors, volunteers, and independent contractors. Contractors and other companies performing services on behalf of the University with direction and oversight from the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations, or designee, are exempt from this policy.

3 Definitions

3.1 Chalking

The use of water-soluble solid chalk that is easily removable (i.e., sidewalk chalk). No other materials may be used for Chalking including but not limited to: spray chalk, marking chalk, spray paint, wax chalk, or other permanent, semi-permanent, or short-term marking materials; oil-based, aerosol, marker, wax, and paint products; nor any other materials intended to preserve the water-soluble solid chalk.

4 Policy Statements

4.1 General Chalking Provisions

4.1.1 Chalking is only permissible if it is: (a) related to Appalachian’s education, research, and service mission, and (b) conducted by students, faculty, staff, and officially recognized student organizations.
4.1.2 Chalking is prohibited by non-Appalachian students, faculty, or staff. Additionally, Chalking may not be conducted by students, faculty, or staff on behalf of external individuals and organizations.
4.1.3 Chalking is not permitted, as determined by the University, if the time, place or manner of the Chalking is impeding the flow of traffic, obstructing other University activities or events, or is otherwise not related to the education, research and service missions of the University.
4.1.4 Chalking messages which are violent (i.e., intended and likely to provoke imminent lawless action; or true threats), obscene (i.e., appeals to the prurient interest in sex; patently offensive; and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value), defamatory, or otherwise unprotected by law are prohibited.
4.1.5 Chalking messages are subject to routine cleaning by the University.

4.2 Chalking Location Provisions

4.2.1 Chalking is permitted only in open areas that can be directly washed by rain. The Chalking must be on a horizontal surface and not covered by an overhang or similar covering preventing the Chalking from being washed by rain (e.g., tree, porch, roof, or ceiling).
4.2.2 Chalking is prohibited on all vertical surfaces, including but not limited to buildings, walls, signs, poles, columns, statues, monuments, objects of public art, benches, picnic tables, or any organic material (e.g., grass, soil, or vegetation).

4.3 Policy Administration

The Chancellor has delegated authority and oversight for the administration and implementation of this policy to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Violations of this policy may result in the removal of Chalking by the University, paying for restoration costs, disciplinary action, or criminal charges pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 14-132.

5 Additional References

Appalachian Policy 104 – Facility Use

UNC System Campus Free Speech and Free Expression

6 Authority

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-132

7 Contact Information

Office of Student Affairs 828.262.2060

8 Original Effective Date

October 5, 2020

9 Revision Dates