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Facilities and Property Management

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 507

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 General Information

4.1.1 The Physical Plant is generally responsible for the maintenance and operation of University facilities and grounds. The activities of the Physical Plant are directed toward maintaining a campus environment which is functional, attractive, in good taste, and conducive to learning.

4.1.2 The overall responsibilities of the Physical Plant include:

  1. Building maintenance and repair
  2. Minor renovations and alterations
  3. Maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems
  4. Campus Lighting
  5. Academic housekeeping and related services
  6. Sports Facilities
  7. Landscape maintenance
  8. Special engineering services
  9. Telephone & Telecommunications repair
  10. Transportation and vehicle maintenance
  11. Recycling
  12. Capital Project review

4.1.3 As a part of the University business organization, the Physical Plant Director reports to the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

4.2 Location

4.2.1 The Physical Plant Office, Cost Control Center, Work Control Center and the individual shops are located in the Physical Plant Complex on Dale Street, off State Farm Road. Quick response Zone Maintenance shops are located on the main campus.

4.3 Assistance

4.3.1 Any questions which are not answered by this section of the RESOURCE MANUAL may be referred to the Administrative Office at extension 3190.

4.4 Organizational Structure

Vice Chancellor

Business Affairs

Associate Vice Chancellor for

Physical Operations

Administrative Assistant
Assistant Director Operations Assistant Director


Assistant Director

Design and Construction


Water Plant

Assistant Director

Administrative Services


Motor Pool

Electrical Department Electronics/Telecommunications Environment and Safety (OSHA) Supply and Distribution Computer Programming Motor Pool Services
Preventive Maintenance Steam Plant Construction Management Laboratory Support Activities
Paint Shop Mechancial Department Mapping-Plans Waste Water Warehouse Operations
Carpentry Shop TV Cable System Support Computer Aided Drawing Work Reception Center
Landscape Services Interior Design
Building Services Facilities Planning
Physical Education Support

5 Additional References

6 Authority

7 Contact Information

8 Original Effective Date

9 Revision Dates