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Funding and Types of Services

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Policy 507.2

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

Services provided by the Physical Plant areas are classified into two categories:

4.1 Physical Plant Services

4.1.1 Direct funding is provided in the budget for the Physical Plant for routine maintenance and operation of University facilities and grounds. The funding provided for the Physical Plant is intended to maintain University facilities in the condition in which the facilities were originally provided.

4.2 Departmental Services

Any changes or services required or desired for University buildings which are not routine maintenance and operation of the building, must be funded by the department requesting the change or service.

Physical Plant departmental services are provided on the basis of actual cost charges only. Every effort is made to accomplish building alterations at as low a cost as possible. Outside contractors are used on a low bid basis whenever practical or when the Physical Plant personnel are unable to schedule or complete the work in the requested time frame.

4.2.1 Physical Plant Services Basically, Physical Plant services are directly related to the operation of the overall campus facility. Examples of these include:

  1. Maintenance services to structures, additions, and equipment which have been accepted as permanent parts of the campus. These are generally structures, additions, and equipment which, if vacated by present occupants would require no alterations or special refurnishing or remodeling for occupancy by some other University department.
  2. Maintenance of walks, streets, and landscape.
  3. Operation and maintenance of utilities which are not peculiar to departments or activities regarding special appropriations.
  4. Custodial Services. Areas not budgeted for Physical Plant services include:

  1. Infirmary
  2. Student Housing
  3. Student Union
  4. Bookstore
  5. Food Services
  6. New River Light & Power Co.
  7. Camp Broadstone
  8. Dark Sky Observatory
  9. Center for Continuing Education Support
  10. Federal Grants
  11. Other self-supporting operations
  12. Athletics
  13. Appalachian State University Foundation

4.2.2 Departmental Services These are services for which the Physical Plant does not receive a budget allocation and which must be paid for by the requesting department. This includes any change from the original construction plans. Examples of departmental service include:

  1. Minor alterations to buildings or structures assigned to a department or activity, discretionary space modifications, or hook up of special equipment.
  2. Replacement keys/re-keying, cylinder recombinations of room at department's request and safe combinations.
  3. Replace or change name plates and activity specific signage (except ADA).
  4. Carpet replacement (non-public areas).
  5. Addition of special equipment such as laboratory equipment, Venetian blinds, special lighting, etc.
  6. Repairs, routine and preventative maintenance and lighting of Auxiliary Supported Buildings.
  7. Repair, removal or relocation work to office furniture, work stations or lounge/break area furniture.
  8. Repair and maintenance of security systems, and specialized locks or door equipment.
  9. Installation of power or other utilities for department owned/or leased equipment.
  10. Painting at a time other than that specified in the regular maintenance painting cycle.
  11. Repair work on special equipment which are departmental responsibilities. Examples include: computer terminals, window air conditioners, un-interruptible power systems, and ice machines.
  12. Non routine cleaning and dusting services.
  13. Special functions and non-university events (sports tournaments, etc.).
  14. Wood floor refinishing.
  15. Moving services.
  16. Call backs for services that could wait till the next work day. If a project requires the services of an outside designer (architect or engineer), the Physical Plant works with the requesting department in obtaining this service. It then continues to coordinate the project until it is completed and accepted by the University.

4.3 Billing for Departmental Charges

4.3.1 Copy of Intra Campus Invoice - Services performed as departmental services are invoiced on a monthly basis using the intra campus auxiliary billing system. The department receives a copy of the intra campus invoice. A copy is also sent to the Controller's Office where payment is made for all departments whose budgets are maintained by the Controller.

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