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Purchasing Items from the Central Warehouse

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 504.4

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Procedure Description

4.1.1 Departments may purchase items listed in the Central Warehouse Catalog by completing a Warehouse Requisition form. Only supplies or equipment should be ordered on a single form. If both supplies and equipment are desired, please complete two separate forms.

  1. Invoice Copy (original)
  2. Warehouse Copy
  3. Dean's Verification Copy
  4. Originator Copy
  5. Warehouse Requisition forms may be obtained from the Central Warehouse.

4.1.2 Items purchased from the Central Warehouse are delivered to the departments by Warehouse personnel. Departments are then billed at the end of each month through the intracampus Auxiliary Billing System.

4.2 Procedure Steps

  1. Consult the University Central Warehouse Catalog for the item(s) desired.
  2. Complete a Warehouse Requisition form indicating the following information in the labeled blocks:

Date: Date of preparation.

Address (Building) : Building name of office location.

Signature : Signature of the individual authorized to expend funds for the requisition.

Quantity Ordered : The number of each item desired.

Order Unit; Catalog Number; Item - Description : Complete information as listed in the Warehouse Catalog.

Unit Price; Total Price : To be completed by the Warehouse.

Date Shipped : To be completed by the Warehouse manager when the order is issued.

Account Number : The budget account number of the account to be charged for this purchase as listed in the University Chart of Accounts.

  1. Have department head sign prepared log sheet.
  2. Send or deliver the top three copies of the warehouse requisition to the Central Warehouse. The fourth, "Originator," copy should be retained for the office file.

4.2.1 "The Central Warehouse will fill and deliver the order:

4.2.2 Items not in stock will be marked off the requisition form.

4.2.3 A copy of the requisition will be included with order.

4.2.4 Warehouse personnel will list the unit price and extend the totals on two copies of the warehouse requisition and send the corrected copy to the department by campus mail. When goods are delivered, verify that you are receiving what was ordered and sign the log sheet. A new requisition should be prepared after ten days for items not received.

4.2.5 Departmental sales are accumulated during the month and the totals are transmitted to the Controller's Office for payment.

4.2.6 If questions or problems arise concerning supplies or materials received through warehouse requisitions, contact the Warehouse personnel immediately at 262-3160.

5 Additional References

5.1 Procedure References

Refer to Warehouse Stock Items for additional information.

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