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Recognized Student Organization Food Sales

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 402.3

1 Introduction

1.1 Recognized student organizations will be permitted to engage in the sale of certain foods on the campus of the University for the purpose of fundraising. All sale of food by student organizations must comply with this policy.

2 Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all recognized student organizations.

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Approval of Food Sale Event

4.1.1 An on-campus food sale by a student organization requires prior approval in accordance with the policies and procedures of Campus Activities. A student organization will be allowed to hold an on-campus food sale no more than two times per semester. Additional restrictions apply to nonprofit student organizations seeking to hold food sales described in Section 4.3.

4.2 Allowable Food Sales for all Student Organizations

4.2.1 Any recognized student organization is allowed to sell on-campus the food items listed on the Student Organization Food Sale List. Such list will be reviewed annually by Campus Activities and may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary.

4.3 Additional Allowable Food Sales for Nonprofit Student Organizations

4.3.1 Any recognized student organization that is incorporated as a North Carolina nonprofit corporation or that is exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code is allowed to sell on-campus the food items listed on the Nonprofit Food Sale List in addition to the foods listed on the Student Organization Food Sale List; provided that the student organization first provides to Campus Activities sufficient evidence of its legal status as a nonprofit corporation or entity exempt from federal income tax and such evidence is available for presentation during the food sale event. The Nonprofit Food Sale List is available at A nonprofit student organization can hold only one on-campus food sale event per month. No off campus food sale event may be held in the month of the approved on-campus event prior to the date of the on-campus event. Any off campus food sale event held after the date of the approved on-campus event but in the same month as the on-campus event must be properly permitted by the Watauga County Health Department. The University shall not be responsible for obtaining or assisting with obtaining any permits from the Watauga County Health Department on behalf of any student organization. Any non-profit student organization holding an event at which foods listed on the Nonprofit Food Sale List will be sold must contact the Watauga County Health Department to ensure compliance with all North Carolina rules and regulations governing the sale of food by nonprofit organizations. The University will not be responsible for compliance by any student organization with any local, State or federal rules or regulations governing sale or distribution of food.

4.4 Location of Food Sale

4.4.1 All food sale events are subject to the policies and procedures of the event location and must be approved by the manager of location where the event is to be held. No food sale events may be held in any University dining facility.

4.5 Equipment and Supplies for Food Sales

4.5.1 It is the responsibility of the student organization to determine what equipment and supplies may be needed for any on-campus food sale event. The manager of the facility in which the event is to be held shall determine what equipment and supplies, if any, will be made available to student organization for a food sale event. Any equipment or supplies not furnished by the facility must be provided for by the student organization. Appalachian Food Services will not be responsible for providing any equipment or supplies in connection with any food sale event unless the event is catered by Appalachian Food Services.

4.6 Safe Food Handling Procedures

4.6.1 The following safe food handling procedures must be followed during any food sale.

  1. Non-latex, single use gloves must be worn by persons handling food that is not prepackaged.
  2. The following categories of food must be cooked to the following internal temperatures:
    1. Vegetables 135°
    2. Poultry 165°
    3. Ground Meat 155°
    4. Whole muscle meats 145°
    5. Pork 145°

4.6.2 If the temperature of any hot foods falls below 135°, the food must be reheated to 165° regardless of food category.

4.6.3 Cold foods must be kept below 41°, and hot foods must be kept above 135°.

4.6.4 Cooked foods can be offered for sale for no more than two hours.

4.6.5 All rules and regulations of the Watauga County Health Department applicable to the particular on-campus food sale event must be followed.

4.6.6 Food safety warning signage must be displayed at any food sale event. Such signage is available through the Campus Activities office.

4.7 Policy Review

4.7.1 This policy shall be reviewed annually to determine whether any revisions to the policy are necessary. The committee that shall review the policy and recommend any policy changes shall be comprised of representatives from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Development, Campus Activities, the Department of Student Engagement and Leadership, Appalachian Food Services, and students invited as appropriate.

5 Additional References

Student Organization Food Sale List; Nonprofit Food Sale List

6 Authority

NCGS §130A-247, et seq.;
15A NCAC 18A.2600, et seq.

7 Contact Information

Campus Activities (828) 262-6252.

8 Original Effective Date

November 1, 2011

9 Revision Dates