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Recycling Programs

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 507.11

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 General Information

4.1.1 The Recycling Program is housed in the Physical Plant and provides recycling containers, information and pick up services to all academic and administrative buildings.

  1. State agencies are required by statute to provide recycling services for employees.
  2. All faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the Recycling Program.
  3. The University saves approximately $60 per ton by recycling instead of landfilling.
  4. Recycling conserves energy, water, air and provides many other environmental benefits.
  5. Recycling containers for aluminum cans are located on each floor in every academic building.

4.2 Participation

4.2.1 Any office, faculty or staff can schedule an education/motivation session as needed. This session will enable new employees to participate effectively in the recycling program and help existing faculty and staff to renew their commitment to waste reduction and recycling.

4.3 Waste Prevention

4.3.1 All academic and administrative offices are encouraged to use 100% recycled content copy paper where feasible.

  1. Double-sided copying will more than offset the slightly higher cost of 100% recycled content copy paper.
  2. Faculty and staff are encouraged to minimize paper use by distributing information by electronic means where feasible.
  3. Faculty are encouraged to require students papers printed on both sides where feasible.
  4. Faculty are encouraged to request students to recycle beverage cans rather than disposing of them as trash.

4.4 Recyclable Materials

4.4.1 The following materials can be recycled, but must be kept separated in the following categories:

  1. Paper - It is necessary to remove all self-adhesive labels, plastic envelope windows, paper clips, tape, rubber bands, and carbon paper. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO REMOVE STAPLES OR POSTAGE STAMPS.
  2. White Ledger - All white copy papers, ASU letterhead, pin-feed PC and other similar papers.
  3. Colored Ledger - All other papers including white papers heavily printed with colored inks, file folders, etc.
  4. Computer Printout - Wide green-bar and blue-bar paper only.
  5. Newspaper - If it came with the paper, it can go with the paper.
  6. Corrugated cardboard -It must have a wavy layer between the two outer layers. Boxes must be flattened or filled of any of the above paper categories.
  7. Magazines - All magazines.
  8. Telephone Directories - All telephone directories.
  9. Confidential Papers - Term papers, tests or any other documents which need to be maintained to prevent unauthorized access. Call 3190, extension 108 for special pick up.
  10. Cans - Empty aluminum cans. Containers are located in all academic buildings on each floor. Smaller office/departmental containers are available by request.
  11. Glass - Empty food container glass (no window, pyrex or mirror glass). Containers are located at major generation locations (Food Services, Broyhill Inn). Small office/departmental containers are available by request.

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