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Services Provided by the Physical Plant

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Policy 507.3

1 Introduction

2 Scope

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Services of Physical Plant

4.1.1 Request for Service The Physical Plant provides a wide variety of services for University departments either on a routine maintenance basis or by special request. All requests for services are made by electronically submitting a REQUEST FOR PHYSICAL PLANT SERVICES, see Policy Four, to the Physical Plant Cost Control Center with the departmental budget code. The costs for any changes or additions to a building are the responsibility of the requesting department. If the repair is the responsibility of the Physical Plant the departmental budget code will not be charged. For emergency requests follow the instructions in Policy Five, OBTAINING EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICE. For assistance call the Physical Plant between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at extension 3190. Between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. emergencies should be reported to the Office of Public Safety and University Police telephone number 262-2150.

4.1.2 Carpentry

  1. Minor repairs and alterations to buildings, both interior and exterior. Changes to the building are the responsibility of the requesting department. Repairs of the originally constructed building are the responsibility of the Physical Plant.
  2. Furniture repairs: Regular classroom furniture is maintained by the Physical Plant Services; all other furniture is the property of the department concerned and can be repaired as a departmental service only.
  3. Minor furniture construction, such as work benches, book shelves, book drops, bulletin boards, cabinets, chalk boards, portable stages, etc. are charged to the department.

4.1.3 Housekeeping Services Housekeeping services are rendered to academic areas on campus as a Physical Plant Service. Any housekeeping service performed for self-supporting activities is billed to those activities as a departmental service.

  1. Routine cleaning: Vacuuming, dusting, emptying trash containers and outside ashtrays, dust mopping, restroom cleaning, stripping, waxing and spray buffing.
  2. Supplying such items as toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, trash can liners, door matting and runners, light bulbs and tubes.
  3. Cleaning of elevator interiors and minor cleaning of vents in the ventilating system.* Exterior window washing is done (depending on height) once a year.
  4. Interior window washing is done once a year.
  5. Snow removal within approximately 10 feet of the main building entries steps and walks.
  6. Major floor maintenance: Finishing or refinishing tile, terrazzo and concrete floors.
  7. Maintenance and monthly inspection of fire extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are purchased through the Physical Plant departmental budget and furnished to the academic areas.
  8. Classrooms, hallways and entrances are cleaned daily, Monday through Friday. Stairs are done twice weekly. Restrooms are cleaned daily and are given a complete cleaning once weekly. Office trash cans are emptied daily and a general cleaning is done once a week. CUSTODIANS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PERFORM PERSONAL OR UNAUTHORIZED SERVICES.

4.1.4 Lock Shop Services The Physical Plant Lock Shop is charged with maintaining physical security for all University buildings and properties, and maintaining all fire exit-ways to code. Specific areas for which services are provided:

  1. Estimates for lock and key related work.
  2. Cylinder recombinations.
  3. Providing duplicate keys.
  4. Maintenance to doors and all related hardware.
  5. Safe recombinations.

4.1.5 Painting Services

  1. General interior and exterior painting resulting from routine maintenance, alterations, renovations, and damages due to leaks.
  2. All University buildings are painted on a regular cycle according to the availability of funding and personnel. The desired goal for:

  1. Academic Building Public Areas: Every ten years.
  2. Offices: Every ten years when requested.
  3. Classrooms: Every ten years. Painting buildings at any time other than when regularly scheduled or painting buildings considered to be self-supporting is handled as a departmental service with the requesting department being billed for the cost.

  1. Painting and finishing of items constructed by the carpentry shop.
  2. Drywall finishing
  3. Paper hanging
  4. Graffiti removal

4.1.6 Campus Signs Exterior Signs: Building signs are furnished by the Design & Construction Department or the Physical Plant for all campus buildings except self-supporting areas. For these buildings, signs may be furnished as a departmental service and the area involved billed for the service. As a general practice, one sign per building is installed on the main entrance side of the building. Signs contain the building name and are consistent in design throughout the campus. Interior Signs: Name plates and signs for doors, etc., denoting occupants of offices, labs, and other specific areas in buildings on campus must be in accordance with established University standards; these signs should be requested through the Physical Plant and charged to the department.

4.1.7 Motor Pool Services The Motor Pool is located in the Physical Plant Complex on Dale St. off State Farm Road. The office dispatching hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the garage hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Motor Pool provides vehicle rentals, van and bus services, and on occasion, local shuttle service for seminars, conventions, etc. The following types of vehicles are available through the Motor Pool:

Sedans For up to five passengers; recommended for extended field trips.
Station Wagons For up to nine passengers or light, clean cargo.
Passenger Vans For up to 15 passengers.
Cargo Vans For light, clean cargo.
Buses (with University driver provided) For up to 47 passengers. Charges made to departments for the use of University or Department of Administration vehicles provide for the operation and maintenance of vehicles and are adjusted periodically to more accurately reflect current costs. The Motor Pool operates an automotive garage as a related function and provides the following garage services for their rental vehicles and other University and State owned vehicles:

  1. Fuel - 24 hours a day with key access
  2. Oil - 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  3. Washing/waxing
  4. Lubrication and oil change
  5. Battery service
  6. Motor tune-up
  7. Brake service
  8. Minor repairs
  9. Complete tire service
  10. State inspection
  11. Automatic transmission repair/rebuild
  12. Complete overhaul on engine and standard transmissions
  13. Body repair and painting for all University vehicles
  14. Making arrangements for major repairs on heavy equipment Complete and continuing records are kept on individual vehicles serviced. Charges cover labor and material costs only. Each department is responsible for identifying from their departmental budget adequate funds to cover Motor Pool services requested.

4.1.8 Mechanical Services

  1. Steam heat and hot water distribution.
  2. Distribution and maintenance of Potable water lines. Water treatment is the responsibility of the Water Plant.
  3. Sewage disposal.
  4. Maintenance and repair of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  5. Maintenance and repair of plumbing systems.
  6. Installation of plumbing involved with minor repairs, alterations, and renovations.
  7. Metal fabrications involved with mechanical systems.

4.1.9 Electrical Services

  1. Electrical repair and maintenance within the buildings.
  2. Maintenance of secondary electrical systems which include switchgear, interior circuitry, panels, etc.
  3. Installation of interior electrical wiring.
  4. Emergency generators.
  5. Oversees the operation of all campus elevators.
  6. Maintenance of exterior lighting connected to and adjacent to University buildings.

4.1.10 Electronics/Telecommunication Services

  1. Maintenance and repair of bells and clocks.
  2. Installation and maintenance of data and television cables within the building walls.
  3. Maintenance and repair of public address systems.
  4. Telephone repairs and line checks for noise or other problems.
  5. Maintenance and repair of fire alarm systems.
  6. Services outside the basic utilities can be provided; however, the requesting department will be billed for these services. Examples include: installation, testing and maintenance of department equipment and new installations.

4.1.11 Landscape Services

  1. Campus clean-up.
  2. Landscape Design.
  3. Operation of Physical Plant Greenhouse.
  4. Trash and garbage removal from dumpsters, outside trash receptacles, and grounds.
  5. Maintenance and repair to steps, walks, decorative and retaining rock, block walls and brick work.
  6. Cleaning, grading and repairs to roads, sidewalks, parking lots, ditches, catch basins and campus street sweeping..
  7. Removal of snow and ice from steps, sidewalks, curb cuts, campus streets, parking lot lanes, handicapped parking spaces and ramps.
  8. Maintenance of athletic fields (i.e. mowing, fertilize aerating, top dressing, overseeding, herbicides, pesticides control, insects, fungi).
  9. Planting of shrubs, trees and plants around buildings and in campus gardens.
  10. Mulching of new and existing landscaped areas.
  11. Pruning shrubs and trees and tree removal as necessary.
  12. Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management (i.e. spraying, fertilization of shrubs, trees, ground covers and lawns).
  13. Mowing of campus lawns, removal of leaves, limbs and other debris from campus.
  14. Sign installation and hanging of banners.
  15. Moving services with five work day notice (Major moves related to new construction or renovations should be contracted):
    1. Furniture and equipment within buildings, departments, etc.
    2. Bulk materials and furniture from warehouse to departments involved.
    3. Delivery and set up of furniture and equipment after receiving a work order with the departmental budget code.
    4. Installation and/or setup of a significant amount of equipment or furniture should be included in the vendor's contract price.
    5. Areas to be carpeted with a significant amount of furniture to be moved in and out should have the moving included in the vendor's contract price.

4.1.12 Sports Facilities Services

  1. Care of football stadium turf and gym floors.
  2. Setup for athletic sporting events (equipment and furnishing are supplies by the user).
  3. Sports equipment maintenance, housekeeping and setup.
  4. Operation of swimming pool and care of stadium.

4.1.13 Zone Maintenance Services

  1. Perform maintenance and repair to building heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  2. Perform maintenance and repair to plumbing fixtures and water distribution system.
  3. Perform maintenance and repair to building electrical fixtures and distribution systems.
  4. Perform maintenance and repair to building structures, furnishings and fixtures.

4.1.14 Preventive Maintenance

  1. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance on mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
  2. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance, inspect and repair doors, locks and building interior structures.

4.1.15 Equipment Installation Work Requirements for Installing Special Equipment - The installation of special equipment ordered by a requesting department or activity for laboratories, offices, or classrooms usually imposes some work requirement on the Physical Plant. This may involve electrical and/or other utility connections and special controls peculiar to the particular equipment operation. Location with respect to existing or required operation needs, physical space, and access to the area involved also must receive early consideration and coordination. Requirements for additional power or electrical panels other than what is originally installed in the building will be a responsibility of the department. Verifying Operational Characteristics - When the purchase of such special equipment is contemplated by a department or activity, the Physical Plant should be contacted to:

  1. Determine if the equipment to be ordered is compatible with existing utilities in the building.
  2. Determine what must be done to make the building compatible with the equipment.
  3. Determine what installation material will need to be provided by the Physical Plant. Advance Notice - As much advance notice as possible, as to expected delivery date and required operational date, should be furnished to the Physical Plant to facilitate scheduling of installation. This will not only assist the Physical Plant with timely scheduling, but will preclude undue delays in placing the equipment in service.

4.1.16 Setting Up for Special Events When a program or event requires special physical facilities, the setting up of the facilities may be accomplished by the Physical Plant as a departmental service. The services available from the Physical Plant include seating, stages, lighting, sound systems, and scenery, etc. The Physical Plant does not provide seating. The requesting department must locate the seating needed and then contact the Physical Plant for moving and arranging. This type of service is provided by each Physical Plant department supplying its qualified services in coordination with the other departments. The following example illustrates the services that could be required, and who would provide them:

Department Service Provided
Landscape Services Moving furniture and equipment; setting up seating; providing trash cans or dumpsters
Electrical Sound system; special lighting; special electrical
Electronics/Telecommunications Electronic effects
Carpentry Construction of stage
Painting Painting items constructed by the carpentry shop
Housekeeping Cleaning of facility after special events
Motor Pool Transportation Services
Physical Plant Sports Facilities Preparation, setup and break down When special set-ups are required for an event on campus, a REQUEST FOR PHYSICAL PLANT SERVICES must be submitted. A sufficient amount of advance notice should be given so that the request does not disrupt regular scheduling. As in any departmental service, the department requesting the service is billed.

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