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Policy 106.2

1 Introduction

1.1 Appalachian State University (“Appalachian”) desires to create a safe and enjoyable tailgating experience for the Appalachian community and its visitors. This policy provides University rules for tailgating at athletic events on campus.

2 Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and any other individual who participates in athletic tailgate activities at Appalachian.

3 Definitions

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 University Tailgating Designations

4.1.1 For a listing of permissible areas on campus for tailgating or game day parking, please review the Appalachian Tailgating and Parking Map. Areas available for tailgating are subject to change and may be modified before each athletic event as determined by the Appalachian Department of Public Safety.

4.2 Tailgating Hours

4.2.1 Tailgating and tailgating setup for athletic events is not permitted before 9:00 AM on weekends or 5:00 PM on weekdays, unless otherwise announced by the Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs. Tailgating is prohibited during the athletic event competition and during halftime. Tailgating will be permitted for one hour after the completion of an athletic event.

4.3 Parking and Roadways

4.3.1 In parking lots with designated parking spaces, only one parking space per vehicle is permitted. Unless otherwise directed by University officials, tailgating activity that takes up vacant parking spaces or extends into additional parking spaces, or otherwise interferes with vehicle traffic flow is prohibited.

4.3.2 Tailgate equipment (e.g., grills or canopies) may not be placed in roadways or areas in a manner which impedes traffic, as determined by University officials and assigned parking lot personnel.

4.3.3 Roadways and aisles must remain open for emergency and service vehicles and may not be blocked for any reason. Large gatherings or crowds which inhibit ingress or egress, or block roadways or aisles, or otherwise infringe upon the rights of others are prohibited.

4.3.4 Tailgating from elevated surfaces, including standing and grilling, is not permitted. Examples of elevated surfaces, include on top of vehicles, truck beds, buildings roofs, and trailers. Notwithstanding, in instances where individuals are standing in truck beds, then no more than 4 individuals, may stand in a truck bed at any given time. Unless otherwise prohibited in this policy (e.g., Section 4.7.3) this restriction does not apply to elevated levels of parking garages.

4.4 Motor Homes

4.4.1 RVs, trailers, and motorhomes must receive prior approval to park on campus parking lots the night before an event from Appalachian’s Parking and Transportation Office.

4.5 Amplified Sound

4.5.1 No amplified sound, nor DJs or live bands are permitted, unless prior written approval is obtained from the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations.

4.6 Tailgating Alcohol Consumption

4.6.1 Alcohol may only be consumed in tailgating designated areas as identified in Section 4.1, unless otherwise permitted in Appalachian Policy 106.1 – Alcoholic Beverages. Additionally, alcohol consumption is only permitted in these areas during tailgating hours as referenced in Section 4.2.

4.6.2 The only alcoholic consumption permitted during tailgating are beer and unfortified wine.

4.6.3 Anyone consuming alcohol during tailgating hours must be the age of twenty-one (21) or older. Additionally, upon request by a University official, anyone consuming alcohol in a tailgate designated area must be able to present a valid driver’s license or other valid photo identification showing that they meet the age requirement.

4.6.4 Kegs and other common containers are prohibited, unless prior written approval is obtained from the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

4.6.5 Glass containers are prohibited.

4.6.6 Drinking games, including but not limited to, beer pong, and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol, including, but not limited to, funnels or beer bongs, are prohibited.

4.7 Tailgating Food Consumption and Preparation

4.7.1 Propane and charcoal grills are the only permissible sources of cooking. Open flames, including fire pits, are prohibited.

4.7.2 Grills must be attended to at all times when in use, and operators must have an ABC 2.5- pound or greater all-purpose fire extinguisher within 15 feet of the fire.

4.7.3 Grilling under canopies, tents or on parking structures, such as parking garages or parking decks, is prohibited.

4.7.4 Burned coals or residue from cooking may not contact the paved surface of a parking lot. Additionally, hot coals must be completely extinguished with water prior to leaving a tailgating site.

4.7.5 No food may be sold in a designated tailgating area without a University permit approved by Campus Dining and the Athletics Department.

4.8 Trash

4.8.1 All individuals are responsible for the proper disposal of their trash and other debris, such as charcoal, as a result of tailgating activities. Recycling is strongly encouraged.

4.9 Restrooms

4.9.1 Restroom facilities available to the general public during tailgating may be found on the Appalachian Tailgating and Parking Map.

4.10 Tobacco and Related Products

4.10.1 The use of tobacco and related products on University property is prohibited except in accordance with Appalachian Policy 303.25 - Tobacco and Related Product Restrictions on University Property.

4.11 Structures

4.11.1 Canopies or tents are permitted in designated tailgate areas, but may not exceed ten feet by ten feet (10’ x 10), unless prior written approval is obtained from the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations.

4.11.2 Canopies or tents may not interfere with adjacent parking spaces, nor obstruct sidewalks, walkways, or fire lanes. Additionally, tents must be secured; however, stakes and poles may not be driven into the ground and tents may not be anchored to buildings.

4.11.3 Permanent or semi-permanent structures may not be constructed or placed in tailgating designated areas, without University approval as outlined in Appalachian policies.

4.12 Solicitation

4.12.1 No sales activities are permitted on Appalachian property, including tailgating designated areas, without University approval as outlined in Appalachian policies. Appalachian’s Athletics Department and its designated representatives are the only units permitted to sell Appalachian merchandise at athletic and tailgating events.

4.13 Conduct and Enforcement

4.13.1 Individuals attending events at Appalachian are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Persons acting in a disruptive, disrespectful, disorderly or unlawful manner, or deemed to be unreasonably intoxicated, may be asked to leave the premises, or subject to other enforcement measures as available to the University.

4.13.2 Appalachian will enforce violations of this policy when the University has authority to do so pursuant to federal and state law, ordinances of the Town of Boone, UNC System policies, and other Appalachian policies, including the Appalachian Code of Student Conduct. Violations of this policy may result in ejection or removal of your person or property (e.g., towing a vehicle) from Appalachian’s premise, or may lead to other grounds for legal sanctions or disciplinary action, as appropriate and available to the University, including but not limited to a loss of tailgating privileges, termination or expulsion.

5 Additional References

Appalachian Tailgating and Parking Map
Appalachian Policy 104 – Facility Use
Appalachian Policy 106.1 – Alcoholic Beverages
Appalachian Policy 303.25 – Tobacco and Related Product Restrictions on University Property

6 Authority

The UNC Policy Manual, Chapter 100.1, Section 502

7 Contact Information

Public Safety and Risk Management 828.262.2150

8 Original Effective Date

July 16, 2009

9 Revision Dates

August 30, 2012
September 30, 2015
October 21, 2015
March 2, 2020
February 22, 2021