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Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 510.1

1 Introduction

1.1 This policy establishes uniform guidance for campus as it relates to the reimbursement of travel and other business related expenses.

2 Scope

2.1 This Policy applies to all individuals requesting advances, reimbursement of travel, and business expense reimbursements from funds on deposit with the North Carolina State Treasurer (“State Funds”).

3 Definitions

3.1 State Funds

Any funds deposited with the North Carolina State Treasurer whether derived from appropriations or other receipts (including but not limited to: grants, foundation supported funds, endowed professorships, auxiliary receipts and student fees). State funds do not include agency funds on deposit with the University.

3.2 Agency Fund

Funds held on behalf of another organization where the University acts as a fiscal agent.

3.3 State Employee

Any employee of the State of North Carolina who is full-time, part-time, temporary, or permanent who is paid through the North Carolina State Payroll. This includes University faculty, staff, student employees, and non-student temporary employees at Appalachian State University.

3.4 Non-State Employee

Any person that is not employed by the State of North Carolina. Examples of non-state employees that may receive payments under this policy include but are not limited to independent contractors, a prospective employee, or students who are not employed by Appalachian.

3.5 Official State Business

Official state business is any activity engaged in by a State employee within the scope of their employment or any activity where a non-state employee is working on behalf of, officially representing or incurring expenses on behalf of the Appalachian State University or the State of North Carolina.

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policies

4.1 Appalachian State University has adopted the State of North Carolina Travel Policies as outlined in the North Carolina Office of State Budget Management’s Budget Manual. These policies may be found at the State of North Carolina Budget Manual Office of State Budget and Management

4.2 In some instances, the University has been delegated authority to establish university specific policies, or has chosen to provide additional guidance that is not covered by the State Budget Manual regarding travel and reimbursement of expenses. These additional policies include the following:

510.2 Accountable Plan Defined
510.3 Blanket Travel Authorizations
510.4 Third Party Lodging Requests

5 Additional References

Basic Spending Guidelines Policy 501.18
Direct Payment Policy 501.12
North Carolina State Budget Manual

6 Authority

North Carolina State Budget Manual

7 Contact Information

Controller’s Office 828.262.2110

8 Effective Date

June 7, 2016

9 Revision Dates