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Campus Dining

From Appalachian State University Policy Manual

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Policy 505

1 Purpose

1.1 Campus Dining has the responsibility of providing residential board programs and retail food service on Appalachian property. Restaurateurs, departments, and individuals may not provide retail food service on Appalachian property, unless given permission by Campus Dining as expressed in this policy.

2 Scope

2.1 This policy governs: (a) the sale and usage of meal plans for students at Appalachian; (b) all retail food distribution, and food sales on Appalachian property, including services provided by third parties, and (c) all refunds of food or meal plan sales.

3 Definitions

3.1 Campus Cash

A declining balance dollar amount purchased in advance or via payroll deduction (full time faculty and staff only) that allows the purchaser to make a variety of purchases on campus including food and merchandise.

3.2 Dining Dollars

A declining balance dollar amount purchased in advance or via payroll deduction (full time faculty and staff only) that allows the purchaser to make dining purchases on campus. 

3.3 Campus Dining

A unit within Campus Services that provides food and beverage service, including all eat-in dining venues, convenience markets, coffee shops, and App Bakery.

3.4 Meal Plan(s)

A meal plan is a pre-paid account for purchasing meals at Campus Dining locations.

4 Policy and Procedure Statements

4.1 On-Campus Food

4.1.1 The preparation and sale of food and beverages in and around campus facilities is reserved exclusively to Campus Dining.
4.1.2 No club, organization, department, or University group may conduct food or beverage sales on campus, including fund-raising, without pre-approval from University Catering.
4.1.3 Individual purchases of food paid for with non-University funds and delivered from outside vendors to a residence or office is not governed by this policy.

4.2 Meal Plans

4.2.1 A meal plan purchase is required for all students living in an Appalachian residence hall, except for those students living in on-campus apartments with kitchens. Additionally, all Appalachian students not living in residence halls, faculty or staff have the option of purchasing a meal plan.
4.2.2 Meal Plans may be used to purchase food and beverage items at dining halls, markets, and vending machines. Non-food items are not eligible for purchase with a meal plan.
4.2.3 Campus Dining is responsible for developing procedures and guidelines pertaining to funds that are not exhausted each year by students, faculty, and staff connected to a Meal Plan, including the forfeiture of such funds to the University if not used by a designated time.

4.3 Campus Cash

4.3.1 Campus cash is available to all Appalachian students, faculty, and staff. Campus Cash is a non-transferable, reloadable declining balance account paid either at the time of loading the funds or through payroll deduction. Only full-time employees are eligible for the payroll deduction.

4.4 Dining Dollars

4.4.1 Dining dollars may be used for any food purchase on campus. This shall include: residential dining facilities, any retail dining location on campus, University franchises, Market convenience store food purchases, and campus vending machines.

4.5 Refunds

4.5.1 Meal plan refunds are made only if a student, faculty, or staff member officially withdraws or separates from the University.
4.5.2 Meal Plan funds will only be refunded for the semester that the withdrawal or separation occurred. Any funds that were rolled over from a previous semester will not be eligible for reimbursement.
4.5.3 Any Meal Plan balance remaining after Spring Commencement is non-refundable and will not carry over into summer sessions or the fall semester.
4.5.4 Campus Cash shall roll over each semester on student, faculty, and staff accounts. Upon withdrawal or separation from the University, Campus Cash balances are refundable minus a service fee.

Meal plan funds including Campus Cash and Dining dollars are non-transferable.

4.6 Terminating Dining Access

4.6.1 Access to dining facilities may be revoked for the following:
  1. Engaging in threatening acts or behavior that, in the University’s sole opinion, may endanger public order or property, threaten the personal safety or security of any individual (by acts of physical or mental harassment, self-harm, or other means) or disrupt other students.
  2. Allowing others to use assigned meal cards, stealing food, or otherwise, in the University’s sole opinion, misusing meal plan privileges.
  3. Unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, including but not limited to epidemics or other public health and safety reasons.
  4. Any other reason that the University, in its sole discretion, deems to be a good cause.
4.6.2 The Director of Dining shall have the authority to revoke access to dining facilities pursuant to this policy. That decision may be appealed to the Associate Vice Chancellor over Campus Services within 72 hours of the decision made by the Director of Dining. No appeal may be made after 72 hours of the initial decision. All decisions made by the Associate Vice Chancellor over Campus Services are final.
4.6.3 In the event access to dining facilities is revoked, any unused funds still attached to a Meal Plan will be surrendered to the University.

4.7 Policy Implementation and Compliance

4.7.1 The Chancellor has delegated authority and oversight for the administration and implementation of this policy to the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations, including the process and mechanism for enforcement and sanctions. The Director of Campus Dining will be responsible for the development and management of University procedures consistent with this policy with oversight from the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations.
4.7.2 Administration of this policy shall be consistent with federal and state law and regulations, UNC System policies, and policies of the University. Any food purchased using University funds must conform to North Carolina State Purchasing and Contract guidelines.

5 Contact Information

Campus Dining (828-262-3061)

6 Original Effective Date

February 8, 2021

7 Revision Dates

March 22, 2022